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Hal continues to try and find a place in the world that doesn't include him being the Green Lantern. Meanwhile, Guy Gardner comes face-to-face with the Tattoo Man and he just might need Jordan's help. Plus, John Stewart's journey to OA takes an unexpected turn. "Pursuit of Happiness!" Part 2 of 8. Guest-starring Green Lantern (Guy Gardner) and Green Lantern (John Stewart).

Hal Jordan is on the continued mission to find peace in the world and his road has led him to a small fishing village. There he gets a job on a fishing boat and works with a man named Clay who has his own views on life.

Meanwhile in New York City, Guy Gardner gets bored hanging out at the JLA headquarters and goes out into the city to find some actions. While at the Palace of Fine Arts, a tattoo parlor, Guy finds the Tattooed Man working as a tattoo artist. Guy tries to get the Tattooed Man to fight him but Tarrant claims to have gone legit. Guy fallows Tarrant home and keeps trying to egg him on and when he makes fun of Tarrant's mother Tarrant attacks.

The pair fight through out the city and Guy leads him out to sea, and by using his ring to track Hal, Guy leads the Tattooed Man to the small fishing village Hal is in. Hal sensing Guy is nearby tries to divert the fight but is himself drawn into it and knocked in to a neighborhood dinner, where he is seen by Clay.

Hal defeats Tarrant and is angry with Guy for making him fight Guy's battles. Guy goes back to New York, leaving the Tattooed Man to be dealt with by the "hicks". When Hal returns to the fishing vessel the captain now knowing that Hal is the Green Lantern wants nothing to do with the hero, and Hal is forced to leave another town due to Guy.

Later Tarrant wakes up on the beach and is offered Hal's old job.

Meanwhile on Oa, John Stewart learns the Old Timer, killed Priest and is gone insane. John tries to escape Oa but the Old Timer cuts him off, leaving John trapped.


  • The cover was signed Broderick and Nelson but in the letter column it stated that Pat Broderick did the cover himself.
  • First letter column title "Green Lantern."
  • First post-Crisis appearance of the Tattoo Man.


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