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The Defeat of Green Lantern (Part 1 and 2)-Tom Kalmaku get a letter addressed to Green Lantern, from Casino De Granaco, the ruler of Granaco, a small country next to Modora. Casino begs for Green Lantern's help. Sonar, the villain of Modora, has implied he will use his sound based weapons to take over Granaco. Hal can't ignore a cry for help and flies off to Granaco.

Meanwhile unbeknown to Hal, Tomar Re is trying to contact him. There is a cosmo-storm heading towards earth and it will effect Hal's ring in strange ways. Tomar Re is having trouble getting the message to Hal because of the storm.

When Hal arrives in Granaco, Sonar is already attacking the palace. Hal is able to turn the villlian back and forces him to retreat back to Modora. Hal then meets with Casino who begs Green Lantern to help with defenses. Hal explains he can't interfere too much but he can at least draw up a plan. Hal starts using his ring to draw a plan but instead it draws a picture of Sonar destroying Hal.

Hal doesn't have time to look into the ring's malfunction because Sonar is attacking again. This time Sonar has a improved tuning fork gun and shoots Hal point blank. It looks like Hal is destroyed just like his drawing before, but instead the ring made protective bubble. Hal is then able to defeat a shocked Sonar and turn him over to the UN authorities.

On his way home Hal gets a message for Tomar Re, who tells him the storm has past. He also explains part of his message got to Hal's ring and knowing it might not work later the ring made the life saving bubble earlier. Hal thanks the other Green Lantern and returns to Tom and explains all that happened in Granaco.

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