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    Into the Dead Zone(not the TV show)

    Geoff johns continues with the final arc of his epic 9 year long run in Green Lantern, at this point Johns himself have become a synonymous of Green Lantern comics and if this issue is an indication of anything is that Johns plans to end a very high note.

    The Dead Zone

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    The issue spends most of the time in the Dead Zone where Simon Baz encounters Hal and Sinestro as they talk and analyze their options to get out of there, the dialog is good as expected since Johns has written this characters for so long but the main appeal of this scenes is the art, all the art in the Dead Zone is done by Szymon Kudranski, who work in the excellent miniseries Penguin: Pain and Prejudice, the art relies of a very high contrast between dark and light colors, mainly black and white and the characters look extremely realistic with very detailed facial features.

    The atmosphere shown here is very well done, it feels like this is actually a place of the dead in which the only light comes from the bodies of the characters, it makes the entire space into a dark place hinder of light and hope, very well crafted to set the perfect mood.

    The issue focus around Baz, Hal and Sinestro but it also has cuts out of it into the chamber of shadows, in such moments the art switches to Ardian Syaf and colorist Tony Avina, this happens twice in the issue but it gets really distracting as it ruins the flow of the story and it interrupts the grim tone of Kudranski's part.

    Other than that the issue is excellent as the first encounter between the main protagonists of Green Lantern in this year and a half, highly recommended

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