Green Lantern #178

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #178 - A Bad Case of the D.T.s! released by DC Comics on July 1984.

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    • Letter to the editor by TM Maple.
    • "Meanwhile..." one page text piece by Dick Giordano featuring "The Story of Tom Condon, Managing Editor" and "Bob Greenberger Mini Autobiography".

    Congressman Bloch, believing he had put the Green Lantern in a coma, hires the Demolition Crew from the Monitor to destroy Ferris Aircraft. The Demolition Crew attacks as Hal is flirting with Carol in her office, forcing him to become Green Lantern. But as he charges his ring, he is contacted by the Guardians, who order to go to Omnicron Ceti IV, a planet suffering from harsh earthquakes. Hal learns that the earthquakes are due to the planet's instability, much like Krypton before it exploded.

    Meanwhile back on Earth, the Demolition Crew is wrecking Ferris Aircraft, and while the employees try to fight back, things look bleak. The day seems to be saved by the arrival of the Predator.


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