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    1. "Off on a Tanjent!" (Hal Jordan) written by Joey Cavalieri, penciled by Howard Simpson, inked by Gary Martin, framing sequence by Jose Delbo, colored by Gene D'Angelo and lettered by S. Ball.
    2. "Sun-Fall! Part Two of the Lysandra Saga" (Green Lantern Corps) written by Jack Harris, penciled by Jerome Moore, inked by Sal Trapini, colored by Jeanine Casey and lettered by Philip Felix.
    3. "Meanwhile..." one page text piece by Dick Giordano.


    • The credit for the colorist was left blank in the story "A Ring of Endless Might".
    • Galius-Zed, Eddore, Dorine Clay cameo imaginary appearances.

    Hal Jordan has been once again tested by the Guardians. Krista, Droxelle, Meadlux, Gailus-Zed, Eddore and Kaylark have subjected a sedated Hal to a “War of the Rings.” The Guardians wanted to ensure suffered no effects from his encounter with the wizard Myrwhydden.

    The Guardians tell the group the story of Green Lantern Symon Terrynce. Symon, of the planet Tanjent, was not blessed with the psionic abilities indigenous to his homeworld and was exiled to the moon by his father in an attempt to save face. He was then called to Oa and made Green Lantern of Sector 2515, which includes Tanjent. On his first patrol back to Tanjent, he encounters foreign warships in orbit. He stops the exchange between the ships and the planet and uses his power ring to access his planet's groupmind. While accessing the memories of the entire planet, he learns that he himself is the magistrate who started the conflict. Upon further investigation, he finds out the magistrate is a clone, created by his father in an attempt to hide his shame.

    Symon decides to abandon his planet, but a Guardian convinces Symon to return to the planet’s aid. Once again, Symon ceases hostilities between the planet and the ships. When the ships land, it is revealed the occupants are exiles and children of people exiled from Tanjent. The satellite used for the exile was inhabited by aliens who intended to invade the planet. The exiles defeat the invaders and use their ships to return home.


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