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Green Lantern's efforts to restore order in outer space have brought him some unwanted attention. Stopping criminals and disasters is one thing, but being deemed a god by an entire planet is something he doesn't want to get mixed up in...especially since the local cosmically powered deities don't like competition!

On Galtea, one of the most spiritual planet in sector 2814, a cult calling them selves "The Lords of the Emerald Light" have gone on a killing spree in the name of Kyle. They are killing all of Sarkus's , followers, including their leader. Kyle is called in to help the new leader stop the Lords and save his people.

The new leader explains the only way for peace among the people is if Kyle goes to Sarku and kills him. Kyle agrees to at least speak with Sarku but Sarku sees Kyle as an attacker and fights him. The battle seemingly kills Kyle, although it is only a construct that Sarku destroys.

Kyle realizing he was duped into a fight with a god catches the new leader and forces him to emit he was behind the Lords attacks. The new leader does this just before taking his own life and revealing himself to be a shape changer working for the Black Circle.

Kyle heads back to Oa where he finds a beating Garthet who was last seen with Kilowag. The defeated guardian explains that they were jumped by the Xadai and Kilowag was taking back to the land of the dead.

Meanwhile, On Earth Terry goes on talk shows telling people about his attack, and Merayn is have no success at finding a job. Also on some distant planet Shiro Navo is giving an ultimatum by the Black Hand, either kill Kyle or his family dies.


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