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"The Blind," Part 2 of 2! Set to consume Earth, Green Lantern must thwart The Blind and Shiro Nova in space combat! But just when things are going well, Lianna joins the party...and everything goes straight down the drain! Meanwhile, on Earth, John Stewart comes home from saving the world to find Merayn's made a life-changing decision!

While Professor Tipanius Terpis and his crew aboard the Tsunami research ship try to figure out how to stop the Blind, a weapon of the Black Circle that makes suns go super Nova in 30 minutes and that is currently targeting earth's sun, Kyle Rayner is fighting Shiro Nova, a assassin hired by the Black Circle to kill the last Green Lantern.

Kyle gets the upper hand and traps Shiro on his ship. Kyle then tries to contain the Blind, never realizing that Shiro has escaped. Shiro is about to shoot Kyle when Lianna shows up and convinces Shiro that if he ever wants to see his family again Kyle needs to be able to stop the Blind. Shiro doesn't shoot and Kyle is able to contain the Blind.

After he says good bye to Terpis and his crew, Lianna shows up and explains to Kyle what he has done will have consequences , and then teleports the two of them back to Oa.

Meanwhile on Earth Merayn tells John Stewart she needs some time on her own and that her first step is to get a place of her own, and John agrees.

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