Green Lantern #159

    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #159 - When Evil Stars Begin to Fall! / Eyes of the Sea! released by DC Comics on December 1982.

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    1. "When Evil Stars Begin to Fall!" (Hal Jordan) written by Mike W. Barr, penciled by Keith Pollard, inked by Mike DeCarlo, colored by Tony Tollin and lettered by Ben Oda.
    2. "Eyes of the Sea!" (Green Lantern Corps) written by Bob Rozakis, penciled by Jerome Moore, inked by Rodin Rodriguez, colored by Nansi Hoolahan and lettered by Phil Felix.


    • Nekron cameo flashback appearance.
    • Carl Ferris, Tom Kalmaku and Abin Sur cameo headshot appearances.

    The origin of Evil Star is revealed as Hal battles his old foe once again.


    Penelops, the Green Lantern of an undersea world, uses his ring to combat the ecological disasters that have suddenly plagued his peaceful culture. After rescuing dozens of citizens from certain death during an underwater earthquake, Penelops discovers that the very seas are boiling. Traveling into space, he finds an alien race beaming a strange ray into his planet's sun. The ray causes the sun to produce a greater output of heat, which is killing Penelops' world. Penelops stops the beam and confronts his planet's attackers. Poised to strike, the alien captain orders his forces to attack.


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