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Green Lantern #141 Review

Marv Wolfman writes this rather long winded issue, where not a great deal happens. This issue sees Mr. Ferris come back to take over the company and just be an all around jerk, basically. Hal and Carol hit up the Canadian wilderness on a trip and then they run into the Omega Men who decide not to kill them. Essentially that’s the gist, yet this issue took a long time to get through for such little development. The artwork was fine for me but the constant paragraph-long text boxes explaining Action that can be easily discerned in the artwork itself was just unnecessary. It was 1960s Marvel bad. Those early Stan Lee issues come to mind where the artist had their work crowded with redundant text boxes. I’ve found the key to reading these types of issues is that anything in a text box can be seen is superfluous. Just read the word bubbles. Then go back and really see how redundant those word boxes are, and add nothing to the storytelling. It removes any nuance the artist them self would have contributed. What were they thinking? This book was written by Marv Wolfman in 1981 - not 1961 - there’s really no excuse. Overall the story was serviceable and I liked the direction it was going, if it got there quicker. The Omega Men seem interesting enough in this introduction, but the incessant use of text boxes hinders this comic. 3/5

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