Green Lantern #14

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The Good

Rise of the Third Army may be underway but it's the focus on Baz that is the highlight here. As an unlikely choice for the new Green Lantern, he immediately has become an interesting character. It's been a while since we've seen a Green Lantern struggle with trying to figure out the full extent of the power ring and how to properly use it. Aside from his different attitude and outlook, we're still left wondering what the full fate of Hal and Sinestro will be. There are some tidbits about them here as well.

For better or for worse, the Justice League arrive to confront this new Lantern. Hal may have recently left the team but they know enough that this Lantern, who is wanted as a terrorist, did not acquire his ring in a usual fashion. You can imagine what the confrontation will be like. A Green Lantern versus the entire League. Geoff Johns does not go the typical route and manages to flip the confrontation on its side a bit. This is a confrontation that could have been put on hold for a bit to build up suspense. Having it occur this quickly gives a more realistic touch as they would immediately see this as a possible threat that needs to be dealt with immediately.

As for the Guardians, their plan is continuing and with each bit the story progresses, you can't help but get further and further on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what they might do next.

Of course Johns gives us a bit of a cliffhanger mixed with suspense and humor that will have you counting down the days until the next issue.

Doug Mahnke is brilliant as always. It's always a joy to see his art and there is so much range here from the deep recesses of space to the confrontation in Dearborn, Michigan to... wherever Hal and Sinestro are. The expression on Baz's face when he first encounters the Justice League is priceless. Seeing all the action with them is even better.

The Bad

As alluded to, I'm not overly excited about the Rise of the Third Army story. It may be more so the appearance of the Third Army and the continued build up of the Guardians' plan. The big question will be what happens to the Guardians at the end of this story and how will it affect the Corps?

The Verdict

I didn't think I could enjoy an issue this much considering Hal is being shoved aside to allow Baz and the Guardians to get the spotlight. Baz is quickly becoming more and more likable. It's great to see the Justice League understand the possible threat with a new unknown (and wanted) person having possession of a power ring. Johns makes sure the confrontation doesn't go down exactly as we would expect it to. The Rise of the Third Army is progressing and we have to trust that Johns will have an explosive conclusion planned. Doug Mahnke's art is phenomenal as usual. There are many varied locations and characters crammed into this issue, you can't help but pause to appreciate each panel. Johns and Mahnke continue to make GREEN LANTERN a solid title month after month.

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