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Green Lantern attempts to rescue Guy Gardner from the Phantom Zone...but Sinestro shows up!

After 46 issues fighting side by side with Green Arrow, Green Lantern flew solo once more. Issue #123 reverted from Green Lantern / Green Arrow back to Green Lantern, although the reason for the split would only be detailed in the following issue: Hal Jordan had become focused on space mission, which Green Arrow was not best suited to.

Writer Denny O' Neil, who remained with the series through to issue #129, returned the cosmic element to the emerald warrior's adventures. Whereas any Green Lantern / Green Arrow stories had revolved around Earthly, socially relevant topics, the duties of the Green Lantern of sector 2814 began to take on a more fantastic scope.

Artist Joe Staton joined O'Neil on the series for this new era in Hal Jordan's (Green Lantern's) life. Hal and fortune teller Kari Limbo had almost married in the previous issue, but called off the wedding after learning that Kari's first love, the presumed dead Green Lantern Guy Gardner was trapped within the Phantom Zone.

Hal tried to save Guy from the clutches of the Kryptonian General Zod and his fellow criminals but Gut was soon abducted by a yellow beam of light. Recognising the handiwork of Sinestro, Hal battled his arch-enemy and rescued Guy. Unfortunately, his friend's mind had already been torn apart by Sinestro and Hal returned the comatose Guy to Earth. Kari offered to look after her former lover, leaving Hal to hunt Sinestro.


  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, the Flash in "The Stony-Eyed Medusa".
  • The cover title changes to Green Lantern.
  • The letter column changes to Letters by Lantern Light.
  • "The DC Feature Page" one page featuring:
  • "Ask the Answer Man" by Bob Rozakis.
  • "DC Puzzle" A crossword puzzle by Bob Rozakis.

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