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BLACK HAND has been freed from the INDIGO TRIBE, and now he’s more powerful than ever!

What horrible plan does he have in mind, and to what lengths will Hal Jordan and Sinestro go to stop it?


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Green Lantern #12 0

THE GOOD: The art in this issue is different from the regular artist but Renato Guedes and Jim Calafiore contribute to the book. Renato Guedes adds a lot of details to his faces and the backgrounds. Jim Calafiore contributes his simplistic yet interesting style to this book. The story gets very huge and complicated but in a good way. We get to see the Guardians and all the evil but somehow nice things they are planing. The real big deal here is the fight with Black Hand and what the Book of the ...

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Blackish Night 0

This series has really twisted and turned the Green Lantern world. I don't read the other GL series so I don't know what the background stuff fully is but it looks interesting. The art wasn't quite as good as the previous issue but still very good.This story sees Hal and Sinestro fight against Black Hand (who once again has the Black Lantern) and his army of the dead. Hal tells Sinestro that they need Carol Ferris as they need another light spectrum to defeat the Black Lantern. With no luck in g...

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Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Slow and Carefully 0

There's a lot of things very awkward about this cover. There's a massive disjunction from the angle Black Hand's body is at, the way the wind is blowing his cape, the angle of the gargoyle, and the angle of the city behind them. This whole cover didn't have a super interesting setup to begin with, it could've been really cool, but it's just so-so.It's a prelude for what was to come on the inside, this issue has a LOT of inherent artwork problems. For starters, it's got two artists. Right after s...

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