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If this story arc is going to some conclusion which is going to be noteworthy, then this issue is proof that it was conceived in its goal to get there.  Hal and Guy are captured on the planet with Hank Henshaw identified as one of the players in the resurgence of the Manhunters.  Guy is taken away but Hal is infected with nanites that are debilitating him and feeding off of his insecurities from his past actions.  The internal struggle he undergoes is well written as is his escape.  In escaping he frees other Lanterns who have been in a state of stasis for years.  The two sides initially do battle, think Hal has joined the side of the Manhunters, but they eventually come to an understanding before they find some other former Green Lanterns in a subterranean cavern (including at least one familiar face.)  Overall this was a pretty fun issue, and especially with another good cliffhanger ending.  

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