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1. “Assault on Replikon!” (Hal Jordan) written by Denny O'Neill, penciled by Mike Grell, inked by Vince Colletta, colored by Adrienne Roy and lettered by Karisha.

Replikon begins implement his plan to destroy the ozone layer to let the radiation in so the world will be suitable to raise his unborn children, still waiting for him on his home planet in the asteroid belt. As Hal drives his rig out of town, he intercepts a distress call from the Star City Chemical Plant, which he discovers to be the work of Replikon. Feigning defeat, he learns that Replikon is Andre, Carol's new love interest. Unable to deal with the overwhelming truth himself, he approaches Ollie and Dinah for a plan. The two suggest getting Carol involved, but when confronted with the news that her new beau Andre is none other that the alien Replikon, she is devastated but reluctantly agrees.

Carol has brought the unsuspecting Andre to an abandoned building at the edge of town. As she instructs him to go into the building where the heroes lie in wait, she leaves in tears.

Once inside, Replikon is confronted by the trio of Justice Leaguers. With an immediate and continual barrage against him, they give Replikon no time to create a fighting strategy. When they have him against the ropes, Green Lantern springs the trap on him- a huge container made out of lead. Before the confused alien can react, GL has shut the cylinder completely, completely containing Replikon in the airtight makeshift prison.

By now, Hal has determined where Replikon has come from, and using his galactic powers, flies Replikon back to his homeworld. Upon returning home, Hal meets up with Carol, who abruptly ends their relationship.

2. “The Green Dragon of Death” (Alan Scott) written by Cary Burkett, penciled by Juan Ortiz, inked by Vince Colletta, colored by Adrienne Roy and lettered by Clem Robbins.

When Tong member Chin Loo attempts to put on the unconscious Green Lantern’s ring, he is consumed by mystical fire, as anyone with impure thoughts cannot wear the magical trinket. Once revived, he retrieves the stolen ring and creates a dragon illusion to help him slip away.

The next day, Alan Scott is confronted by a striking oriental girl named Lo-Lanke, who informs him that she has been witness to his ordeals the past few days, and want to assure him that the explosion he was caught in had nothing to do with him. The destruction, Lo-Lanke explains, was in fact caused by her master, Lord Chang, as he attempted to test his powers. Upon hearing the name, Green Lantern suddenly remembers that Chang was an old foe who had learned how to harness the mystical powers of a fallen meteor to battle GL in the past. No sooner has Lo-Lanke finished, when Chang and his men burst in on the scene. They make quick work of the two, and Green Lantern is sentenced to burn in a fiery mystical pit.


  • This issue contains the Hostess Superhero Ad, Batman, Robin and Commissioner Gordon in "Corsair of Crime".
  • Two unnamed Trick Arrows used.
  • "DC Publishorial" one page text piece.

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