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Finding Myself


Kyle arrives at warriors, the green lantern lounge to find it in shambles. He finds a beat up Guy and John who tell him parallax destroyed the place looking for his younger self. We flash back to what happened earlier with Parallax fighting John and Guy, guy uses his Vuldarian power and John those strange bursts of green energy. Guy saves John when he realizes that Young Hal and Parallax are two different people as strange as that sounds, he tells parallax where where to find himself and then they have a finale duel. Parallax won and flew off for the watchtower on the moon.
 That a very menacing yet Sexy Parallax!!!
 That a very menacing yet Sexy Parallax!!!

Kyle decides to stop parallax before he reaches Hal, on the watchtower Jonn and Hal wax philosophical about starts before Jonn departs for his quarters leaving Hal to the stars. 
Kyle reaches Parallax and they fight, though parallax doesn't remember Kyle, he's from a time before he met Kyle or was defeated, he's come to return Hal to his proper time so he can ensure his existence. Kyle realizes the gravity of the situation, if he stops parallax, Hal doesnt destroy the corp, he doesn't get the ring and worst Hal never dies reigniting the sun thus saving their universe. Kyle calls a truce but Parallax knocks him unconscious so he can finish his job. Just then Young Hal arrives ready to fight Parallax.

End of Issue

The Good
  Finally we get Kyle delaing with the gravity of the situation!  Young Hal being in the present day presents  a slew of problems for
 The cliffhanger ending!!!
 The cliffhanger ending!!!
the time stream. The most important being his finale sacrifice to save the universe by reigniting the sun. C'mon guys he should have been sent home ASAP.  I loved the art yeah it was up and down but the detailed fight between Parallax and Guy and John was gorgeous! I'm not a fan of Hal's Parallax suit but this issue had the best illustration Ive ever seen, he just came off bad-ass in every single way. Loved the details on Guy and his vuldarian powers, I loved this aspect of him, though its been retconed by Johns. Also I loved the clear display of each lanters personaities. Hot ehad guy never realized Parallax was older while posing as Hal, while the more level headed John did. Kyle as well was all about the inner monologue, weighing the pros and cons of everything, and while he was busy thinking he did get hammered, Kyle was always a talk first kinda lantern and that endearing. 

The Bad 
The art was inconsistent though not detracting. They missed the Parallax detail of the Grey streaks of hair.
The Ugly
 4/5 stars

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