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Time Travel Madness

As Kyle comes to meet up with his buddies Guy and John at Warriors Lounge. He finds the place trashed and John and Guy with there butts beat by Paralax. Yes Parallax. Both young Hal and Parallax in the same time period how is that possible? Well you have to read the issue to find out all that time travel stuff. In the end Parallax goes to the watchtower on the moon to stop the young Hal Jorden.  After getting the story from John and Guy, Kyle is not far behind . 
  I am really enjoying this story arch right now. It keeps getting better as the story goes on. Ron Marz in this series delievers great stories in a time period that comics were not so great. The pencils by Jeff Johnson and Scot Eaton are good but lack details in some of the characters. Parallax by far is the best character in the story.  
 In the end I give the book a 3.5 out of 5 mainly because of all that time travel stuff not a huge fan of it. 
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