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    Green Lantern » Green Lantern #1 - The Planet of Doomed Men; Menace of the Giant Puppet! released by DC Comics on August 1960.

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    The Planet of Doomed Men

    On a strange and far-off world...where he has gone in response to a mysterious message received via his battery of power...Green Lantern battles a creature of such fantastic strength that is can resist the power-ring attacks of the Emerald Warrior!

    Hal Jordan is testing a new experimental jet when he suddenly feels weird as the Guardians of the Universe, on the far distant planet Oa, summon his energy form. They want to determine if he is worthy of their trust and capable of dealing with a peril on a far off planet. The Guardians begin to speak to Hal's energy form and tell him of how he became a Green Lantern a year ago.

    The ship of the Green Lantern Abin Sur had crashed on Earth. Realizing he was dying, he knew he had to pass on the role of the Green Lantern to one worthy on Earth. Abin Sur had his power battery search for a worthy one. Back in the present-day, the Guardians then tell Hal that at that point there was an ion storm which disrupted communications between Earth and Oa. They did not know of him becoming Green Lantern until after the storm.

    The Guardians ask Hal Jordan what happened after Abin Sur sent out his power battery. He tells them that he was at the Ferris Airport Company as a test pilot practicing on a flightless trainer when he is suddenly brought through the air by the power battery and lands at the location of Abin Sur's crashed ship. He meets Abin Sur who tells him about the power battery and how he's worthy to become a Green Lantern. Abin Sur tells him about how, when he entered Earth's atmosphere, deadly radiation bands around the planet battered the ship. A yellow light blinded him as he crashed into Earth. Before he dies, he tells Hal Jordan that he will be powerless over any object colored yellow due to a necessary impurity in the battery and that his ring can be charged up to 24 hours.

    Hal Jordan, from then on, calls himself Green lantern and vows to battle evil wherever it may be. In the present day, the Guardians deem Hal worthy and send him back to Earth with no memory of meeting them. Hal Jordan returns to the Ferris Aircraft Company confused about what has happened

    As Hal Jordan enters his room thinking about Carol Ferris, his lantern battery starts glowing and he is told of danger on the planet Calor. He changes into the Green Lantern and heads off to Calor. He arrives and learns that the natives were expecting him as they believed their god sent him to help them. He then learns what is troubling them as they go to a volcano and a large creature comes out. Green Lantern realizes that the creature has some sort of psionic ability and is draining his will-power from him making his ring ineffective on it. Quickly thinking, Green Lantern realizes that the creature was from a volcano and so should hate cold and uses his ring to create a blast of liquid oxygen to freeze the creature. After defeating the creature, he goes home to Earth to charge his ring.

    Menace of the Giant Puppet

    When Green Lantern agreed to appear as the star attraction of a charity parade, he realized that he'd be offering himself as the deadly target for the mysterious marauder known as the Puppet-Master! Yet, when the expected attack came, the Green Gladiator found himself hopelessly out-maneuvered, outclassed, and outwitted by his outlaw foe...

    Carol Ferris is thinking about Green Lantern and how she wants to marry him. The other night they were together in the park before Green Lantern had to save a man from drowning in a lake. She plans to meet Green Lantern at a charity parade and propose to him. Green Lantern is in the parade thinking about bank robberies which have been occuring recently and how the crooks all seem to have been under some sort of spell like they were puppets. He joined in the parade in the hopes the mastermind behind this would come out to attack him.

    At that moment, the large puppet behind him began to attack him with a ray gun. After stopping the puppet, he finds that the person who should be controlling the puppet is unconscious and realizes some Puppet Master is behind this, but since he can't find him, he decides to hurry to Carol. Meanwhile, the Puppet Master is frustrated with his failure to eliminate Green Lantern and makes a plan to destroy him once and for all. While Green Lantern is dancing with Carol Ferris, the Puppet master unleashes an improved hypno-ray to try to control Green Lantern, but Green Lantern then thinks of a way to use this to his advantage. He willingly lets him capture him but as soon as he's taken to the Puppet Master's lair, he prepares to capture him. Unfortunately, the Puppet master is wearing all yellow and so his ring is powerless on him.

    As the Puppet Master attempts to fire a ray-gun to kill him, he uses his ring to grab several cords and captures the Puppet Master and sends him to the police. The next day, the capture of the Puppet Master at Green Lantern's hands is in the main headline, and Carol Ferris hopes to be able to propose to Green Lantern this time and hopes he's entering her office, but it's only Hal Jordan (who really is Green Lantern) who decides he wants to win Carol over as Hal Jordan, and not as his other persona, Green Lantern.



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