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Hal Jordan resumes his career as the Green Lantern while trying to rebuild his personal life.

After some soul searching Hal Jordan goes to the JLA headquarters in New York City, where much to the team's objects, he informs them that he is not coming back to the JLA but wants to tell Guy Gardner to be a better Lantern, for the Corps sake.

After saying goodbye to Batman, Hal takes a train, hobo style, to Hope Springs, a small town that is in process of transforming from a mining town to a farming town. There Hal searches out Rose Lewis, who since last he saw her got married and changed her name to Rose Hardin. Hal also learns that she is now a widow and single mother or Toby Hardin.

Hal convinces her to give him a job on the ranch and she seems to fall for his charm and attitude toward Toby. After a few days, Hal feels better about himself, but then Guy shows up to ruin it. Guy tricks Hal into using his ring and revealing to Rose that Hal is really the Green Lantern, who years earlier came to Hope Springs and sided with the Mining company that killed her husband. Hal tries to plead with Rose but she won't hear any of it, and he is forced to leave town.

Meanwhile John Stewart, believes himself going insane and tries to contact Appa Ali Apsa, but to no avail. John then flies to Oa where he sees the planet is still in ruin and can't find the last Guardian. Just when he thinks of giving up, he finds the dead body of Priest.


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The first issue in the new Green Lantern series has some good to offer but doesn't really go anywhere. Hal, Guy and John are all reintroduced. Hal visits the JLA, bumps into Batman, Blue Beetle and Guy before saying that he isn't going to join them. Instead we find Hal off to find himself, hopping trains, hitchhiking and working as a farm had. Really the only interesting part of this comic involves John Stewart who is still in the midst of his breakdown over what happened with Xanshi. Still stru...

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