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The End of Green Hornet?

Just when things are looking bad for the current Green Hornet and Kato, another turn of events could lead to the end of the Hornet.

The Good 

The series has definitely found its own legs to stand on. We are well past the origin stage and now we can dive into the adventures. With the end of the last arc, things weren't looking too good for Mulan Kato, but since this is comics, everything should work out in the end, right? You would think so until we see Green Hornet go out on his own. Something happens and let's just say the image on the cover does reflect events from inside the comic.

Phil Hester has taken the Green Hornet franchise and given it a life of its own. Most people know the idea or concept of the original Green Hornet but this series has given us a modern take that goes beyond the old characters. Basically it's Green Hornet for the next generation and it works without coming across as forced or cheesy. 

The pencils by Jonathan Lau and colors by Ivan Nunes compliment each other and it's great to see the same art since issue #1.

The Bad 

As we deal with the aftermath of the last arc, there's a little downtime and regrouping involved. Things do pick up as that certain incident that just might lead to the end of the Green Hornet occurs. While I do enjoy the art and colors, there are times when it feels like there's a lack of background. There are cool effects thrown in to balance this and perhaps it's to emphasis the character(s) in the panel but at times it feels a little bare.

The Verdict 

This issue serves as a good jumping on point. There is mention of the last arc and the casualty that occurred but it's still easy to figure out what is going on, even if you're unfamiliar with the newer characters in the Green Hornet comics now. Phil Hester has had the chance to cultivate these new characters into a new version of idea of Green Hornet that most readers are probably familiar with. There is a modern feel and the little updates make it feel like it's a completely new idea. We often see issues where the hero questions their ability or right to serve as a hero and we see some of that here. Without being a retelling of the struggling hero, the twist we see here does give a new take on the concept. There's also more than just one twist in this issue so you'll want to be on your toes as you read. It's great to have consistency with the art and coloring since the first issue but there are times when the backgrounds feel a little sparse. There's also a new villain introduced that adds to making life tough for the Hornet.

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