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The Guardians of the Universe created the Green Globs over 3.5 billion years ago.  Unlike their policing forces (i.e. the Manhunters; the Halla's; the Green Lantern Corps), the Green Globs are a little known.  Their function is to teach "lessons" to individuals throughout the universe.  These machines are composed entirely of cohesive plasma with near limitless energy thus allowing it to operate indefinitely without recharging (unlike a green power rings).

The Green Globs are virtually undetectable (only a small frequency of green light can react to it).  Their true Oa'n designation remains unknown and are simply referred to as Green Globs.

Angel and the Ape mini-series (1991)

The Green Glob was accidentally caught while Gorilla Grodd (in his latest scheme against humanity) was testing a trap to be used against metahumans.  Grodd used his mental abilities to make the Green Glob turn the human race into apes.  However, due to the original programming of the Globs as conceived by the Guardians of the Universe, all transformations were temporary.  Grodd saw the effects of this failure despite the fact that time was rewound as if it never happened.  His grandson, the detective Ape of O'Day & Simeon Detective Agency, was the only person Grodd thought could help him with this issue.

Gorilla City security forces encountered the two and interfered long enough for the Green Glob to assist Sam Simeon into defeating his grandfather.  In turn, Sam Simeon (to restore his friend's mobility) helped the Green Glob surpass it's programming and make permanent changes to reality.

Powers, abilities, skills, and paraphernalia

Like all Green Globs, the Green Glob has vast (nigh limitless) power making recharging completely unnecessary.  So as not to interfere unnecessarily with others, it was create to be virtually undetectable.  To conduct its lessons, it was given the ability to manipulate reality as needed and revert the timeline (so as not to create irreconcilable alterations).

Unlike other Green Globs, the Green Glob has the ability to make permanent alteration to reality thanks to Sam Simeon helping it understand it could grow passed its programming.

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