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    Character » Green Ghoul appears in 10 issues.

    A demonic entity , the Green Ghoul is an old MLJ/Archie villain. He was revitalized as a part of DCs Forth Reich against the JSA.

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    Green Ghoul is a character from Archie Comics and has been intermitently published by several imprints since his creation in 1940 in MLJ publications. In each publication his history has been revamped or altered, having being published by the original MLJ editorial, in DC comics (under the Red Circle brands). After the ending of this imprint the rights of the Green Ghoul returned to Archie Comics.


    In his first appearance in MLJ Magazine's Blue Ribbon Comics #16, The Dictator (The Devil/Adolph Hitler), calls The Green Ghoul out of the ocean. The ghoul states, "I am The Green Ghoul! And I shall carry out the orders of The Devil..for he has given me life!" The Green Ghoul then embarks on a murderous rampage in the United States. Mr. Justice works to stop The ghoul.

    The Green Ghoul reappered as part of the DC's Red Circle Imprint, as enemy of the Mighty Crusaders and as member of the Fourth Reich, and enemy of the JSA.

    Since then he has not seen again.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Green Ghoul is extremely strong. He possesses flight ability and is native to an underwater existence. He can possess a person's body, as he does Mr. Keen.


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