theomegaman's Green Arrow/Black Canary #25 - Five Stages, Part 1: Denial review

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Green Arrow, take two?

Ok so bear in mind this is only my second issue of Green Arrow. For the most part i'm not into super hero type comics. But I did want to try something new so I started with Green Arrow.  
The last issue, #24 had us leave off with Green Arrow leaving to kind of sort things out or clear his mind...And this issues picks up kind of in a different place. Which was a little weird for me until I read the book through.  
He wakes up naked in an alley not remembering much of anything. He has some dealings with a couple of homeless guys, gets some clothes from them, and hits the streets headed for home. As he is walking he notices a store being robbed. But there is something in his mind telling him not to help out. Well he follows the robbers and takes them to task for not paying for the items they stole. Just then, a bunch of arrows fly in and pin the robber against the wall. Who is following Green Arrow? 
He gets back to his place at the end of the book, and who is the person that chased him? Green Arrow. WTF. Two Green Arrows. The first part of the book was just average story wise for me, but when I saw the two Green Arrows if definitely drew me in, and has me waiting for the next issue.  
A solid 3.5 out of 5 for this one.

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