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Black Canary and Speedy head to Amazon Island, where a job offer from Athena seems to be the perfect opportunity for Dinah to focus some of her frustrations over what's happened to Green Arrow.

In Themyscira, Athena talks about the beauty of Paradise Island. It is ruled by aggression and warriors, but also majesty and by honour. It’s a land bathed in its own glorified beauty, but then there are days like this: where Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow runs from prison. The Amazons chasing him argue amongst each other. “I thought you drugged him!” once says, and the other replying, “I did!! There’s enough in him to sedate a small army!” While arguing amongst each other, Oliver pulls himself up on a tree, does a flip around the branch and kicks the Amazons in the back. He runs off towards the cliffs of the island and makes a jump for it. One of the Amazons then grabs him with a rope and he hangs off the cliff while they drag him back up.

Elsewhere on the island, Black Canary and Speedy arrive at the island with a boat, and one Amazon, Alcinoe comments on Speedy being “unclean” making a reference to her contracting HIV. Speedy then fights back with a rant on their island and lack of men. Alcinoe then replies with, “Unclean of mind and body.” Suddenly, Black Canary punches Alcinoe and the Amazons behind them ready their swords. Athena stops them and Alcinoe gets back up, having a go at Black Canary with her sword. Black Canary fights back and states that she is here by royal invitation and that is awards her with the rank of emissary and privileges of that title. If a member of her family is slighted in a public forum, she’s within her right to enact admonition by combat. Athena comments on her knowledge of the Amazons’ ways and Black Canary replies that lunch with Diana teaches her a lot of things. Black Canary then asks why they invited her onto the island and Athena replies that they are in need of some new warriors. Athena continues to explain that the titles of new warriors are “Furies”.

In a prison box made of brick is Oliver guarded by four Amazons. One complains of why the other Amazons are late, and the other replies that they are on the other side of the island, and that they are coming here by foot. The Amazon that stated other Amazons were late gets hit by a poisoned dart, and the three other get hit. But one misses and then a fury of the poisoned darts fly through and eventually hit her. Out of the bushes comes Connor Hawke and Oliver tells him to get him out of here.

Back on the island with Black Canary, Athena explains how they want outsiders explaining that teaching them the ways of Amazon combat would help them on the terrain of modern combat. Athena encourages her to join saying that very few outsiders possess the skills they want. Athena then pushes it some more, saying that they know that she could live among them and that the death of Oliver could give her a new change of scene. Black Canary says she needs to think about it, and Athena gives her one hour. Black Canary and Speedy wonder how Oliver and Connor are going, and Speedy thinks that it will take a lot of more than one hour to get off the island.

The other side of the island, Oliver asks if everyone thought he was dead, and Connor replies a “Yes”. Connor also says that it was worse this time and Oliver sits down in despair. Oliver asks if Black Canary is okay, and Connor replies that she’ll be better once she sees you again. They make their escape through the jungle, and Oliver asks where everyone else is. Connor is confused by this and asks what he means by this, and Oliver asks about the JLA or the JSA. Connor replies that it would’ve been better using stealth, and also took into consideration of relationship of Wonder Woman and Hippolyta, her mother. Oliver comments on the Amazons’ ability to make the Israeli army look like Civil War re-enactors. Connor replies that he’s just assuming that they will get captured, and reminds him that the plan requires them to get out before they notice anything. They walk out into the open and then several spears fall around them, encaging them. Now the both of them are caught, and Oliver comments on them going to need more clothes at some point.

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