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A "Faces of Evil" issue featuring the black archer Merlyn! The deadly assassin comes back into the lives of Green Arrow and Black Canary just when they've gotten their lives back on track! But if the heroes can defeat their arch-enemy, could that just open the gates to more, possibly worse evil in their lives?


The Story opens with four friends celebrating at the Angel Cake Outlet. They claim, "We Saved The Future". As they are leaving, two of them are killed from above by a single arrow. The third is killed with two arrows. The last one runs but ends up pinned to a telephone pole by an arrow shot through a city bus. Merlyn says he's now earned and even 20 million.

Green Arrow and Black Canary are playing scrabble in their bedroom when they hear a breaking news bulletin that four people were killed by arrows.

At the scene of the crime, Green Arrow tells the police Chief to not bother with backup and that he will take it from here. It's clear Green Arrow doesn't work all that well with cops. The police chief shows Arrow and Canary the four victims were each working for different tech companies. Green Arrow assures the chief that he'll bring Merlyn in. It then cuts to a room where a red headed girl is sitting at her desk filled with pictures of G.A. listening to a radio bulletin about the crime.

G.A. and B.C. investigate the victims' room that has been trashed and deem that this wasn't Merlyn's work. They also discover a picture showing the four and one more graduating from M.I.T (Metropolis Institute of Technology). To find the fifth person. Dinah calls Oracle and asks her to find this guy. Babs says that his name is Jonathan Cedar and he was developing a Biomechanical Propulsion system and the other four were now helping him with it. At the end of the call there is tension between Babs and B.C. and Dinah hangs up abruptly.

Merlyn and Jonathan are at a shipyard discussin how Merlyn will get paid for his work. Jonathan had them assassinated so that he would get all the credit. It turns out that Merlyn could get more money if he takes out Jonathan. As he shoots, Dinah uses her Canary Cry to shatter the arrow. A battle ensues and Dinah's right wrist is pierced through by an arrow. Merlyn attemps to finish her off, but his arrow is split in two by G.A. and he tackles him to the ground. On his back, Merlyn whips out a gun and Ollie at gun point. As Merlyn begins to pull the trigger, Ollie feels for and finds a tip of an arrow and flings it at Merlyn, The arrow clogs the pistol and causes it to backfire. Black Canary is in pain, but will survive.

G.A. brings Merlyn's quiver to the police chief and they end on good terms.

The redhead now appears again at the battle scene and takes one of GA' arrows he left behind. There is a flashback to when GA saved her from apparent rape. The issue ends with her cutting herself with the arrow in tears and saying, "I love you".



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