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    Preceded by Green Arrow Vol 2. Continued in Green Arrow Vol 4.

    Oliver Queen had died saving Metropolis from a terrorist attack in Green Arrow #101. While his successor, Connor Hawke, had his own fans, most readers still wanted Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow. Enter Kevin Smith, writer and director of the 1994 movie Clerks. Smith teamed up with artist Phil Hester and accomplished the impossible - they brought Oliver Queen back from the dead.

    "Quiver" the 10 part story that helped launch the new series, opened with a cinematic view of Oliver Queen's life and showed how those who cared for him were still coming to terms with their loss. The first issue ended with a green-garbed figure launching an attack on a seedy party run by a corrupt councillor. However, it wasn't until issue #2 that a living Oliver was seen in all his glory, saving the future Speedy, Mia Dearden from the councillor before returning to his temporary home, the brownstone of his friend, Stanley Dover.

    Over the course of "Quiver," Smith revealed that it was Oliver's old friend Hal Jordan who had returned him to life while Hal had been endowed with cosmic powers. There was one problem though - Oliver lacked a soul. With the help of Hal (now in the form of the Spectre), Oliver journeyed to Heaven to meet his soul. However, it wasn't until a climactic fight with Stanley (who turned out to be a devil-worshipping child - killer) that Ollie's soul returned to Earth and Ollie's body, making the Green Arrow whole once more.



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