New Readers

More Fun Comics #73 First appearance of Green Arrow.Also first appearance of Aquaman.

Green Arrow Year One Definite origin of Green Arrow.Also a fan favorite book by Andy Diggle and Jock.

Green Arrow: The Wonder Year A Green Arrow year one-esque story.

Green Arrow: Quiver The story of Green Arrow's resurrection.

Further Reading

The Brave and the Bold #85 “The Senator’s Been Shot!” Legendary team-up with Batman.

Green Lantern/Green Arrow The book that made Green Arrow a Tier-1 hero.And changed him into a social crusader for the working class.This book fought racism,drugs and poverty.

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters (mature readers) Often credited as the best Green Arrow story.

Green Arrow: Here There Be Dragons (mature readers)

Green Arrow: Blood of the Dragon (mature readers)

Green Arrow: The Sounds of Violence.

Green Arrow: The Archer's Quest

Green Arrow: Into the Woods (Brightest Day tie-in)

In the New 52

Green Arrow: The Kill Machine The start of the fan favorite run by Lemire and Sorrentino.

Green Arrow: The Outsiders War


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