Why is Green Arrow so terrible?

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Does everyone forget GA has beaten the GL (Hal)?

He has one of the better resumes and this thread is pointless because no one truly hates GA

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@fat-jesus: Hello. Sorry, inappropriate way to address other users and language. Try and use better phrasing in the future thanks. Cheers!

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OP almost got me... 8/10

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So by your shitty logic Batman is the worst member in the Justice League because he brings nothing to the team.

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This thread has a lot of idiots lol

Comic characters are much more than their fucking skill sets firstly. Their CHARACTER makes them and green arrow is a great fucking character. For one, he IS a well adept fighter as he IS a league member... You guys act like just anybody can join the league. Not only that he actually HAS trained with master assassins he HAS beaten the likes of deathstroke (the best dc assassin), Jason todd (trained by the league of assassins and has been toe to toe with batman), and he's KILLED GREEN LANTERN. Not only that he's able to USE A LANTERN RING which if you don't know is not a thing any normal person could do. He's OFTEN mistaken for a metahuman and has taken out guys with regenerative abilities and super strength out WITH HIS HANDS. If you really doubt his feats then I don't know what to tell you. But as I said a character is MORE than their skill set. He's just a character that's different from most and he stands out. He fights for the little guy yet winds up having to do things on a world saving level. He's a hero because without it he feels like he's wasting life. He helps people because he's GOOD at it. And so so so much more. A lot of the people in here talking down on him are extremely ignorant to the character which is fine but talking down as if you know him is crazy. If you REALLY want to know this character READ. Find out the kind of people he fights for in his adventures with Hal,or learn about his adventures with the justice league, or learn about his journey into darkness when anything from 87-96 or learn about his upcoming back to the frontier of the DC universe in anything from 2001-2010 or figure out how in his newly updated origin story he was able to take an arrow through the head and shrug it off like it's nothing in lemires run in 2014. Point is, green arrow is a great character and deserves respect far beyond people thinking he is some batman clone

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Green Arrow is better than, Aquaman and Cyborg!

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