whos green arrow?

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i legit have no idea about him or his origin story. i just was never interested i suppose, but i saw arrow and it intrigued me so i would like to know if the show is accurate and what ollie is all about!

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You can read his overview by typing Green Arrow in the search car at the top left. Our community put together all the information and our Wiki editors are very thorough.

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From DCComics.com:

What was the last thing you took home from an island getaway? A tacky souvenir? A great tan? More boring slideshows than you have friends to show?

Spoiled billionaire Oliver Queen came home with an entirely different personality—and a newfound purpose in life. Completely self-absorbed and never caring about anything but himself, Queen was on a leisurely sailing trip when his assistant betrayed him, leaving him for dead on a desolate remote island. Stranded, he survived by, amongst other things, mastering a bow and arrow. When he eventually discovered the primitive locals that shared the island with him, he uncovered a large conglomerate sadistically exploiting and enslaving them. Ollie used his new skills of survival and archery to lead a rebellion— only to realize how similar his opponents were to the man he used to be.

Returning to civilization only meant more opportunities to watch greed and corruption strangle Joe and Jane Average. Outfitting himself with arrows that shoot tear gas, smoke, nets, and more, Green Arrow has a trick shot for every obstacle. A modern-day Robin Hood, he constantly fights for the little guy as a crusading symbol for revolution. And his days on that island, filled with sweat, blood, and desperation, are a testament to what it takes for someone to answer that wake-up call, change their ways, and fly straight.

As straight as an arrow.

I would have posted 52's The Origin of Green Arrow, but I couldn't find it anywhere.

If you're planning to start reading Green Arrow, Year One is a great place to start.

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this move from general to Green Arrow should help...

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pretty much has it down. I wouldn't suggest reading his New 52 series though, it's pretty terrible, and it doesn't really feel like Oliver. Arrow so far, has been a decently faithful television adaptation, although it's taken a few liberties (What adaptation doesn't?).

And if you'd like recommendations, I'd suggest:

  • Green Arrow: Year One
  • Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters
  • Green Arrow: Quiver, and Green Arrow: Sounds of Violence
  • Green Arrow: Into the Woods
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@The_Tree: Yeah, I forgot to mention New 52 GA is garbage.

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@The Poet: thanks maaaaan

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@The_Tree thanks yall, green arrow year one is were ill be, and ill scrap the idea of picking the 52s ga!

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Read Green Arrow: Year One.

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