What Would It Take to Make Green Arrow A-List?

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Despite having a tv show already 5 seasons in that sprung several shows off it creating a tv universe, being a large character in the second half of Smallville, appearing in every Justice League based cartoon, and having an ongoing comic at all times since Oliver Queen was brought back to life in 2001(coming up on 16 years of not being cancelled), I still feel Green Arrow hasn't reached A-list status

What do you think it would take to make him an A-list character if long running tv shows and longer running comics, and many appearances in the cartoons can't?

what is the very minimum it would take?

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because it isnt that good

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@saberscar223: try re-reading the op

this thread isn't about the show

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The CW show is really bringing Ollie down... No one cares about the Green Arrow except for people who watch the CW.

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I thought he already were an A-List

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