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This is the start of what hope to be a popular thread about the most human of heroes. Ollie Queen when you take away all the glitter is a humanist. A real live human being with real desires and problems.

In many ways Ollie could be called a fictional Capitalistic Che Gueverra. A man who while capable of turning his back to the suffering of others. Still stands as a beacon of hope to others.

Like Che Ollie is also very human. Making mistakes at times that destroys the lives of those closest to him. In other words he he is like most people. Simply trying to live his life and make his way.

So invite other fans of THE ARROW to join me. as i continue this thread in praise of the man i call simply.


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clap clap LOVE The Arrow!

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I don't even think that Ollie is a capitalist, though, he has hinted at being as much as a socialist as any on the far left.  I can't remember specific issues, though. Not that this is a problem to me, being a pinko myself. Viva la Arrow!

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praises to the ARROW...i just started to be as enthusiast but i'm learning..understanding...

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Hey! Just because you lean a little left doesn't make you a SOCIALIST! Geez!

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i like ollie and i like the name of the thread

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While Ollie is a Liberal he isn't a Socialist. 

It's a common mistake to confuse Capatalism and Democracy  when in fact they're seperate. China is now a cpatalistic society yet still Communist.
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#8 Posted by Captain Atom (53 posts) - - Show Bio people even know what socialism is?  Second, are people actually confusing communism and socialism?  Ollie is without a doubt, a socialist.  Socialism, in short, is basically a classless system, and Ollie jumps on any opprtunity to elevate the working class, and knock some pegs off the social elite.  People going about like it's some kind of curse, are pretty uneducated.  I've read every Ollie comic since the 70's.  Ollie got wealthy by means of capitalism, but there's a reason why he's regarded as the most left superhero in comics.  He's not so far left that he's a communist, but if anything, he's a borderline socialist.

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I really wish people would stop appreciating Che Guevara. The man was a murderer and douchebags at Starbucks wear his face silkscreened on their shirts because it's the corporate, freeze dried, pre packaged, processed idea of "revolution". But I digress, GREEN ARROW RULES!

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