New 'Arrow' Trailers Gives a Better Look at the Series

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October 10 marks the return of live action comic book television. Arrow will premiere on the CW at 8 p.m. ET/PT and a couple clips have been released this week. With each one, we are given a promising look at what we can expect from the show.

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We've recently seen the New 52 origin for Green Arrow in last week's GREEN ARROW #0. It had a few differences from the previous origin told in GREEN ARROW: YEAR ONE. The show appears to be leaning more towards the YEAR ONE story. We'll have to wait until next month to find out for sure.

Here's a new trailer released a couple days ago.

== TEASER ==

And here's one showing just how bad Ollie can be. He'll never remember your first name but he just might save you.

Are you planning on checking the show out?

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I am really surprised anyone is excited for this show. The CW has a track record of making bad TV. I would have liked this much better if this show was in the same continuity as the Smallville show but focused on Green Arrow.

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@cdeoleo: I have to disagree. It looks like this is going closer to the comic book roots. Smallville was good for what it was but spinning off from there would limit the show. This is a fresh start and from what they've said, they have some nice cameos and guest appearances coming up. We'll get better takes on some of the characters that have appeared in Smallville. But I guess we'll see next month.

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I'll be giving this a try once it's released over here in the UK.

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Green Arrow is being hunted down by Harry Dresden lol

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I'm already sold on this show, but I'm not watching any of the trailers anymore.

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I think the main thing is to basically judge each product (doesn't matter if it's a comic, TV show or movie) on it's own merits. Also for people like myself who don't know that much of Green Arrow it may kick start people into checking out his comics/graphic novels etc.

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: I hate to agree but your right. Their track record is anything but impressive and I might be the only person in the world to say this but I was not a Smallville fan... Guess I'm bias since I'm not a Superman Fan.

I guess time will tell with this one.

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Is this the same Green Arrow from the Smallville series or is it not connected to that show at all?

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Well it certainly looks better than the Cape !

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Yeah, want to be hopeful for this but Oliver Queen can outrun bullets. I know, a lot of action movies have this same cliche' but it gets old. So old.

I don't know. I don't want to be forced to accept a show simply because it is "comic book based" but is still a bit crappy. Guess I'll have to wait and watch a full episode or two before I can truly say.

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Looks pretty cool I'll be glad to give it a shot, though I really don't want to see that pull-up bar scene makes me feel terribly inadequate.

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This show is going to live or die by its supporting cast. I think the guy they got to do Oliver will be good and fit the tone that the show is going for. From the few things we've seen of him trying to be both rich playboy and hero I think he's good enough to move between the three roles.

But its going to come down to the supporting cast. That was a big thing that saved Smallville because it didn't all ride on Welling's shoulders. They got some great people to round out the cast of characters (not everyone but definitely the majority) and that helped keep the show interesting and the focus spread. If Arrow can't produce the same quality of support roles than I don't think the show is going to last. Right now I'm a bit iffy here, especially if they go too far into cliche with his mother, the police detective, or whoever the business guy is that Arrow is threatening.

The one positive I will give the show just from teasers.....doesn't seem to be a really big, central villain right now. Seems to be more focused on general corporate corruption and greed as well as crime on the streets. That's a good thing, in my opinion, because other shows (like The Cape) tried to focus on a singular bad guy pulling all the strings and it comes off too much like the general troupes that non-comic book readers can hate about comic books and comic book inspired tv/movies. Smallville got around this problem by using a freak of the week approach and it worked for that show. Don't think it would work for Arrow so hopefully my interpretation of trailers and clips is accurate and the show goes more towards Arrow against the institution of corruption and crime rather than a specific person (at least at first......they can always reveal a central villain mid-season or even at the end of season 1 that comes into play in season 2 and beyond once the theme and premise of the show are established).

And am I hearing things right that the name of the city in this show is going to be called Starling City? WTF??? Why change the city name from Star City to Starling City? Is there a legal block on the name? I remember them using it in Smallville.

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#13 Posted by theTimeStreamer (2845 posts) - - Show Bio

i am not even interested in this. it looks that bad. why does everything have to be so gritty nowadays? ollie is not a gritty person, hes jolly like robin hood.

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#14 Posted by Utandi (220 posts) - - Show Bio

Awwww yeah!

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@G-Man: I agree I think CW learned somethings from what they did with Smallville and decided to do something that fell a bit closer to the comic. I'm psyched for this show. I think the more I've seen the better I feel about it. It seems like it will be pretty violent too. I did wonder if it would have been a better choice for the Starts or HBO networks to air something like this though. They are both putting out shows that are very good. But maybe CW wants to get some fame of its own. AMC has good TV shows too. I really dont understand much about what TV networks put out and why or how shows get picked up, but I guessing its more competitive market or something and CW wants to show they can put great stuff out too.

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The show definitely looks good but I'm not making my mind up until a couple episodes in.

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@Trodorne said:

Green Arrow is being hunted down by Harry Dresden lol

Ha I was going to say that, I do hope that the show the big 3.

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@Trodorne said:

Green Arrow is being hunted down by Harry Dresden lol

Poor Arrow...

Also I think it's pretty obvious but I'm going to state it anyway. The first trailer is obviously for the male audience, the second is overwhelmingly for the female audience.

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Nice salmon ladder. I wonder if he'll try out for american ninja warrior.

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Don't care what anyone says but I like it and I'm gonna watch it. Can't wait.

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Green arrow character is still full of untold stories. Seeing some new arrow stories in the tv medium will be awesome. I will tune in

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@G-Man said:

@cdeoleo: I have to disagree. It looks like this is going closer to the comic book roots. Smallville was good for what it was but spinning off from there would limit the show. This is a fresh start and from what they've said, they have some nice cameos and guest appearances coming up. We'll get better takes on some of the characters that have appeared in Smallville. But I guess we'll see next month.

I would also have to agree with G-Man's logic here.

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I kind of wish the other people in the poster were explained better. I don't know if they're his friends, allies, or what from these trailers.

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We'll have to see...sounds fun...

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I am so excited for this show!

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I am not going to condemn a show before I have seen it. Say what you will, I enjoyed Smallville overall. It had ups and downs, but when they introduced more comic elements in season five (like the Fortress of Solitude and Brainiac), the show got better. It looks like they have jumping their from the start with characters like Deathstroke, Dinah, and Huntress. Plus, the lead cop is the same actor who played Harry in "The Dresden Files," and he was always so much fun to watch.

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I'm willing to give this a chance. Don't know that I'm expecting much, but there is potential. Two reasons: 1) They mentioned the island, so at least Ollie's origin is being preserved [as will his smart ass, snarky attitude, it seems. Cheers!]. 2) "Harry Dresden" is the seemingly persistent [and equally witty] detective who's onto the Green Arrow. He was so amusing in the Dresden Files [curse SciFi--- 'xcuse me, "ScyFy" channel for giving good shows such short runs], I'll give this a chance just for him as an actor.

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I'm most likely going to be watching it because of Katie Cassidy...

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I swear it sounded like she said "Starling" City instead of just Star City, and for me that's a big WTF moment. And seriously...Katie Cassidy should have been looking like this for the show...

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I cant wait to see this so much i love Green Arrow,now if only they made a Hawk eye show i have my two favorite archers on tv.

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I'll try my best to withhold any scathing comment before I at least see the pilot, But it's safe to say I'm skeptical.

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#33 Posted by Eyz (3187 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't wait!

It can't be worse than the current comics XD.....can it?

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I hope that he will have his comic-personality, and not just be a Batman-ripoff.

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I'm looking forward to it, whether or not it'll be any good is a completely different question that I can't answer yet. I'm willing to give it a shot though, looks quite well made and with a lot of action, we'll see...

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Can't wait. I'm so amped.

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woot woot

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Not to sure. Need to see some story development first.

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While I'll leave judgement till its actually been broadcast, my guess is that the market (if based off nothing but the CW's history and the 2nd trailer) for the show is more likely to be that of say Supernatural than yee olde fashion comic book fan. Also, next time, if you really wanna do something interesting, have the character actually get shot instead of running through bullets.

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Being on CW leads me to believe it will be a little to mainstream and family friendly to really be something good.

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Am I the only one who saw Silver Monkey?

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Can't wait. It looks very action-packed. Also, they had a Superman show, and now a Green Arrow show. I have hopes there could be a Batman show.

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I hope it doesn't take too long to reach the UK.

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can't wait it should be awesome!

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"I'm not what you would call a catch" Yes you are!!

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I can't wait for October 10. Green Arrow finally gets his own tv show. I really hope this show is good and it spans around for at least 3-4 seasons if not more This should create more opportunities for my favorite archer to shine. He deserves a place in the spotlight. All in all I am very excited for this show

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