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Green Arrow. Implies, effectively, that his main thing is archery and he's good at it (to say the least). With that said, should Oliver carry any different weapons? We also know that Oliver is a skilled sword fighter, in the most recent issue of Green Arrow he's shown some skill with arm-mounted blades (improvised, but still cool).

I also believe he's used some sort of throwing darts in Arrow as well as a gun (when he's had to, and among other bladed weapons.) Even in Injustice, his bow had a dagger attached to it. Historically speaking, I think Robin Hood even used a staff of sorts (though I can't say for sure if that's accurate.)

What do you think? While he would still normally use Arrows for 95% of what he does, would you be cool with Oliver carrying and using other weapon?

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he has a belt

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but yeah, I'd like to see him have a few weapons made for up close

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As one of his teachers pointed out after OYL, when he gifted him with one, Robin Hood carried a sword in folklore. And i've honestly always liked the idea of the character using one. I think thats the most i'd give him though, since he has so many specialized arrows for other purposes anyways.

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I absolutely believe so. As the leader of The Outsiders he should have mastered all clans. Right now, only rivals Deadshot him in aim.

Wish list.

Rectonned Arrow history.

Roy was sent by the spear clan to weaken an unaware Ollie. Grew to love Ollie as his sidekick, his struggles is his knowing betrayal and just as good with a bow and staff as anyone. Him learning all the clans after mastering bow and staff is why he's called Arsenal(since the arm is rectonned but Cherish relationship should still happen. He's sort of a bad boy/broken she is really even current Roy's type).

Mia replaces Emiko(Mia can become Emiko really). She's mask clan. Not Ollie half sister. Not the daughter of Robert and Shado. Just the future leader of the mask clan but a child. After events she is taken in as Ollie ward. Still a primary bow user in her Mia's yellow costume. She could have the non HIV struggles because being raised a weapon.

Butcher is still the leader of the axe clan.

Onyx still the leader of the fist clan.

Katana is the leader of the sword clan. Although I'm not much of a fan of the soul sword. I love her new SS costume. The mask could a nod to her heritage and something the sword clan wore before Savage.

Shado is sheild clan. To prepare for the clan war she mastered the long bow.

The war as an immortality twist. I think this is cool. I would have Savage orchestrating this eventual clan war for centuries. He desires an immortal army.he uses his blood to make an undead army of seven clan warriors yet the leaders(Ollie/Roy/Mia/Shado/Katana/Butcher/Onyx) survive.

They band together as the outsiders. They also train each other in their clan skills. Roy is a sometimes memeber(being a Outsider). Savage and his undead clan is a constant threat.

Ollie has the power to pull two books. Arrow and Canary and Green Arrow and The Outsiders(Besides he and Canary being JL memebers).

I don't think he needs to pull an arrow to do everything. He has a utility belt. Somethings just can be on his belt. Also his bow should be able to turn into other weapons every so slightly changed. Also throwing darts..he is crazy rich. I wouldn't mind the mayor Queen angle or Diggle(his inside in city government working as he has the business side covered). I wouldn't mind him funding the Outlaws as well.

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He can use a sword as seen his fight with Red Hood on pre flashpoint.

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@kasino: I don't think Oliver is leader of the Outsiders as of now, (could happen, if Future's End is to be believed). And I believe he went by Arsenal not for his arm, but because of his different trick arrows, post-Flashpoint. The Cheshire/Arsenal angle could happen though, and I wouldn't mind it. It would just be difficult to explore without a solo for Roy.

I personally prefer Emiko, and I'm curious where she's going. Especially if it's really down the line of becoming Green Arrow and possibly taking over and leading a real Arrow Clan in the future. Her current history with the Clans and backstory, I think make her more interesting to the already established mythos than Mia, though the two working together at some point would be interesting if they ever do anything more with Mia.

I believe an Outsiders Story is in the works for this year, but I don't think it'll have Vandal Savage in it. With that said, I do like the idea now of seeing Savage vs. The Outsiders, and Oliver having to make a choice between joining The Outsiders as their leader or not, and I agree that Oliver could carry two books (but not one with Black Canary, if only because I think with characters like Tarantula about, there are better choices if Oliver has to be in a relationship), with one being an Outsiders series. Even if it's just a mini, like Aquaman and The Others.

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