List of confirmed villains that would appear on Arrow

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If you looked at the trailer, you can see a list of names that was given to Oliver when his father died. These are some of the,

Albert Davis - a Star City Millionaire and occultist who's plan to rid the city from crime goes awry. He was killed by Mia Dearden (Speedy).

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David Drayson - Grew up in an area of Star City known as The Swamp. He was sentenced to prison for the murder of a police officer but escaped and took the name, Slingshot.

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Hannibal Bates - known as the shape-shifter, Everyman.

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Isabel Rochen - former Siberian servant who earns her way into wealth. Believes herself to be the true heir to Queen Industries and is an enemy of Green Arrow better know as The Queen.

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Danny Brickwell - He is an accomplished underworld kingpin due to his brilliant criminal mind. He also take the name of Brick

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John Deleon - The guy who bankrupted Oliver Queen.

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Villians who will be appearing in the pilot

Constantine Drakon - A Greek assassin who kills for money, and an antagonist to the Green Arrow.

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Tommy Merlyn - An expert assassin with the bow and arrow, Merlyn hires himself out for a hefty fee. Working with such villains as Maxie Zeus and Syonide he has battled Green Arrow and Black Canary on several outings. Also trained in the League of Assassin.

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Adam Hunt - Corrupted business man (not in DC)

Rumored Appearance

Theres a rumor that Deathstroke is going to appear, because someone who saw the extended version saw a mask of Deathstroke.

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This looks very promising. When you have awesome villains, you are almost guaranteed to have an awesome show. I can't wait for the show to come out. I hope Ollie as well as the villains are properly utilized.

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I do hope that Deathstroke shows up, he's the only one on that list I've actually heard of.

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@soccersss: I agree. But I'm hoping they stick to making the villains realistic like what the show is about.

@htb106: The rest are mainly Green Arrow villains. Being the most popular ones are Merlyn, Constantine Drakon and Brick. Brick also appeared several times on young justice. But Count Vertigo would be the one with the biggest exposure other than Merlyn. I believe they're saving Count for the later seasons.

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I'd like Hackett and China White from Green Arrow: Year One to make an appearance some time, they'd definitely fit the "realistic" tone.

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They better not mess up Merlyn. However, I am a little more excited now hearing he's going to make the line up.

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@The_Tree: Me too I was hoping they'll somehow try to bring in China White and Hackett.

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I am excited to see all these villains for the show

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Deathstroke would probably be the big bad for the first 2 seasons.

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@htb106 said:

I do hope that Deathstroke shows up, he's the only one on that list I've actually heard of.

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Drakon and Bates sounds awesome

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@sethysquare: Is that pic authentic or photoshopped?
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@Gambler said:

@sethysquare: Is that pic authentic or photoshopped?

It is Authentic.

Alan Kistler of Newsarama's AGENT OF STYLE tweeted this.

Hmm. The new ARROW show just got more interesting.
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I hope Shado shows up and they try to do the Longbow Hunters story line.

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Only villains I'm interested in seeing are Constantine Drakon, Merlyn, and Deathstroke.

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I didn't know that Drakon was greek i thought he was chinnese(Dragon Kung fu and all that).We aren't so short :-P

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there is a new photo of Deadshot, so he is now confirmed :P

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