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@jonny_anonymous: I read #42. Thought it was a step up from previous issue. Told Patch on Twitter how much I enjoyed his redesign of the "Arrow Cave". It has a hunting lodge feel and that seems to be right in step with this new urban hunter take on Ollie the team is going for. Surprised that the Night Birds reveal came so quick, but it is only a 3 issue arc. Oh, the Black Canary Easter egg mentioned earlier, a Black Canary tour poster in Emiko's room.

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@longbowhunter: Yeah Urban Hunter is a great description actually. Yeah I was also surprised that they revealed that so soon. I was also surprised it turned out to be the police drones, I totally never put that together lol. Ah yeah I never noticed it in GA but I've seen a bunch of them in other DC comics now.

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@jonny_anonymous: Yeah, I didn't see the police drones coming either. Expectations were subverted. I was totally thinking something supernatural.

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@longbowhunter: Yep same here. especially how they said they were going to add some horror elements but I suppose there is more than one type of horror lol

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check it out

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