How good is Ollie when it comes to martial arts?

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Make no mistake. I'm not new to Green Arrow, I pretty much knew all of the basics but since the show came into existence, I found myself interested in GA again. (even taking free archery classes) My question is how good are his fighting skills? I asked this because DC doesn't really show them off that much.

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Considering Batman,Nightwing and Ra's Al Ghul are elite tier h2h combatants..I'd say Ollie is a tier or two below them.

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@johnny_blaze: I think Canary is a better martial artist then him and then there are people above Batman pre-52 at-least like Bronze Tiger, Lady Shiva, Rick Dragon. If your talking just in fighting any style brawling etc the list will go further.

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He can take about 7 people at once. Proficient at judo, kickboxing, and karate. Trained by Natas, who also trained Deathstroke.

So he's not the best (Shiva, Cain, Batman, Ra's, Grayson...) and he's under Canary. But not far behind.

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