How accurate is the tv show Arrow...

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compared to the comics?

is green arrow a dark hero?

is the story about the same?

did he have to live on an island for years?

was he rich?

did he have the same fighting style?

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1. It's not an accurate potrayal of the character however it's a representation of a part of the characters history where he became less goofy and decided to take up a no nonsense attitude.

2.He isn't as dark as he is portrayed in the show but has been rather dark in the past.

3. The island storyline is similar but not identical. The whole killing the people who have ruined the city, not so much.

4. Yes he did and he trained there for one year not five.

5. Incredibly rich, not as much as batman but still the head of a business.

6. Yes he normally uses trick arrows and regular arrows to take out normal thugs but also relies greatly on his hand to hand skills.

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Just started watching this show, just never got around to it till recently. Almost finished with the first season..and so far I gotta say it's fantastic. As tikhunt said in the following post, it doesn't follow the comic arrow 100 percent. But it's not far from it, and it has a perfect mix of authenticity and originality. The character introductions are always top notch, which is the main draw in for me, along with its masterful action and fighting scenes.. Green Arrow wasn't always my favorite hero, and a lot of mainstream fans really look at him like a two bit chump. But I think this show has brought much needed respect to him. Didnt care for the way they did the huntress but I don't really need to go into that. Really like the way they did Slade Wilson as well, being his number 1 fan it felt good seeing him in live action. Anyways I'm just saying its great. They may not have made the best decisions movie wise, but one thing marvel won't top is this show.

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The TV show Arrow feels a lot like a stiff Batman stand-in to me. But aside for that it's a pretty decent show. It's not very faithful to the comics but not too drastically different.

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@thorson: No what I was trying to say was, Marvel might be kicking our ass in movies right now. But DC wins the TV battle so far, bc Agents of SHIELD is just so lame..and way out of Arrows league

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@commander_kane: If it wasn't for the show I wouldn't actually be reading Green Arrow or comics in general. Good to see another fan and yes Slade is very nicely portrayed.

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It's too much like an love letter to Nolan's Batman by using Green Arrow instead, which in turn makes it least faithful.

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I think CW Arrow would best Green Arrow

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Not very accurate

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