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I have a vague recollection of a Green Arrow graphic novel, probably a series, with a Japanese assassin (I assume Shado) and a son. I remember it taking place in Japan, and having little or no dialogue.

I must have read this as a teenager (I'm 45) and it made a real impression, but I never read any other Green Arrow, and Googling this topic has been less than satisfactory.

It sounds like it might be from a run in the 80's (timing is right) but based on their descriptions, they don't sound quite right. I would dearly love to find these again. Any help would be appreciated!

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@jb681131 said:

@joe12south: I don't know the graphic novel you're talking about but here is some things I found:

He's definitely talking about Mike Grell and Shado. Having recently read these volumes I can tell you that almost all of the stories that feature Shadow fit the description he provides. In general, Grell was good at going for a number of pages without any dialogue being used and only the imagery being available to tell the story. The Shado stories, in my opinion, stand out that, due to some really beautiful, if violent, artwork whenever Ollie and Shado work together.

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