Green Arrow: 'Super Max" Is Still Being Worked On

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There's been talk for a while about David Goyer's supervillain prison movie, Super Max.  The movie was supposed to have Green Arrow ending up behind bars and stuck in a prison full of super-bad guys.  There were originally plans to have cameos from villains like the Joker and Lex Luthor, along with some lesser known bad guys.  There simply hasn't been a lot of talk about the movie lately.
In an exclusive talk with David Goyer, MTV inquired about the status of this project.

We're working on that. We're about to bring on another writer. Obviously, Warner Bros. is now heavily into mining all of the various DC properties.

With how long this has been talked about, I'm not sure what the chances are for it to actually happen.  At least the 'general public' should be somewhat familiar with Green Arrow since a version of his character has been on Smallville off and on for the last couple seasons.  I'm just not sure about what villains they could line up.  Even though each DC movie is put out by Warner Brothers, I would think there'd be some legal entanglements if they tried to use the Joker, Lex Luthor or any villain already attached to an existing franchise.  I was never fully sold on the idea of Green Arrow trapped in a super villain prison.  It could work.  It would be a different type of super hero movie.  I'm just not sure how excited I'd be over seeing it.  I guess if this ever gets further into production, we'll see what can come out of it.
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im not sure if i want 2 see a green arrow movie but i like the idea of the plot.
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this is a movie they shoudl def do and i hope they will.they could use alot of b list villians and it would really work.
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@blade hunter said:
"im not sure if i want 2 see a green arrow movie but i like the idea of the plot. "

for me its the opposite I'd love to see a Green Arrow movie but if he's not Green Arrow it kind of defeats the purpose
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Wasn't this idea pitched when "Prison Break" was all the rage on t.v.?

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i'd see it
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I only want to see a Green Arrow Movie if it deals with the origin of the character and actually shows him in the Green Arrow Uniform.
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I like the idea but I think it would work better for a character like daredevil or the punisher.

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@bravephencer said:
" I like the idea but I think it would work better for a character like daredevil or the punisher. "
I believe in the interview, Goyer said they came up with an idea that could've worked in either the DC or Marvel universe.  Maybe they should make one for both and see which does better.
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Trapped in a prison with villains is the theme for the latest Batman video game, but not many series have such an iconic prison, such as Arkham Asylum. The theme was also used in the Watchmen movie. The idea can be pretty interesting, but is it the right setting for a movie that will more then likely introduce the character to the broader public?

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@bravephencer said:
" I like the idea but I think it would work better for a character like daredevil or the punisher. "
What about DD or Punisher make them a "better" character?
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I can't see this getting anywhere.

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I'd like to see a GA film but i'm not sure a GA behind bars storyline would be such a great idea. Maybe but i don't know. Perhaps GA as Oliver Queen fronts the money for the new prison then is captured and held by the villains/villain in the prison on it's opening but still i'm not sold on it. If they make it i will watch it though lol

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I wonder if Ollie will manage to find a bow and arrow in the prison?  At least having him in there would take care of how silly it'd look seeing a dude running around dressed in green.  Don't get me wrong, I like the outfit but you know how comic book costumes don't always translate into real life.

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I thought I read recently that this was supposed be a Suicide Squad movie
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@G-Man said:
So is this movie in the works and is this based of a comic book about Green Arrow? (I don't know much about his comic history)
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Any Green arrow movie would be pretty sweet
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I really want a green Arrow movie but this idea would be better for a second movie or for a Deadshot or Suicide Squad movie. Also the Joker should be in Arkham, what's he doing in another prison. Overall this idea isn't best for a Green Arrow movie but it could work.

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i always thought that this sounded like an awesome movie, having Green Arrow incarcerated with several of the men that he PUT in prison. 
my only gripe was with the title.  they originally wanted to simply call it "super max."  and while that sounds like the name of a cheesy superhero (ha ha ha) i think that it's unfair to the fans of the character to have a green arrow movie that's NOT called "Green Arrow"  at the very LEAST, they should combine the two and call it "Green Arrow: SuperMax"
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I'd see it. I never liked the character until I saw him on Smallville (of course, Smallville subsequently ruined him - like it does with every character -  but he can still be pretty cool).

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i'm all for a green arrow film about green arrow, not some ass-backwards movie that focuses mainly on the plot and then inserts the lead from either publisher. if that's the case no thanks mr. goyer

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they should do this with Daredevil, like the one from Brubakers run

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STUPID idea. and wast of Green Arrow if they use him.  
If it was a all villain film it might be good.
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I hope this movie gets made, cuz I want to see GA get gang raped by some pissed of villains.

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I don't know if green arrow should be the hero in prison, sounds like batman should instead.

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Honestly I would rather see an origin movie akin to that of Iron Man for Green Arrow or a Green Arrow Green Lantern movie before this crap gets made.

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the plot sounded great and original.  I hope it gets done. 
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I think they should make an origin story first, and then make the Super Max movie.h

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If it involves Green Arrow as depicted in the comics, then cool. If it is an excuse to make a lame prison film, not cool. You have to wonder where DC reckon this could go as a franchise - check out -   an interesting insite into where DC's head was at 2005 re. movies of the future.

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i'ld watch any green arrow movie that comes out. I watched a smallville episode with him in it, but thought they did a real crap job on him. this plot sounds cool, hope the writers research green arrow better than the writers of smallville did.

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I dunno, I feel a supervillain movie in jail would be good, and I also feel a Green Arrow movie without him being in jail is better.

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