Deathstroke Returning to Green Arrow

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In the Current timeline the only time Deathstroke has showed up in a Green Arrow comic was during Futures End

However the current writer has just declaired he's gotten the green light

any thoughts? and hopes or expectations?

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Looking forward to it. I think seeing Deathstroke go head-to-head with Oliver, now that he's had some time to mature a bit more in the main timeline will be interesting to see, especially with Deathstroke's age thing. It'll also be interesting to see if it plays any into Deathstroke's own series, and what brings these two together.

Especially since this will be their first meeting in the main timeline.

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I just hope it's not lackluster. I don't want to get hyped up for fireworks and have it fizzle out.

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@risingbean: @scouterv: yeah I'm looking forward to seeing what he does with this

but I'm pretty sure it won't be for a while, the story about the bone hunters lasts the rest of the year, then the story from the annual continues in January, and I doubt Slade will show up in those stories

and yeah, I hope he works with the writer for Deathstroke and makes it some kind of crossover (kind of like what Lemire did with Katana, except nobody wanted to buy the Nocenti book)

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