Best DC sword fighter

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Ok im putting this in the Green Arrow forum because i cant be bother looking to find the one it belongs in and when i thought of this it was because i heard of jason todd holding himself against green arrow. So what i want to know who it the top 10 sword fighters of DC i honest cant find an official or non official list anywhere, to be honest i dont know of many DC sword fighters so here is my top of characters that i know of.

1.Red Hood/Jason Todd: I think with more training he could become the best. also in the New 52 he has used blades to fight the untitled and was trained by the all castes so i assume he just doesnt like using swords

2. Ras AL Guhl: i know i spelt that wrong, i have never seen him fight in comics but i assume because he is the leader of the league of shadows he would be a great sword fighter

3. green arrow/oliver queen: because like i said before this is what i based it on jason being beaten by him. I think he might not be as strong in the New 52 as he hasn't been seen with a sword.

4. Deathstroke: putting him here because i dont read his books but he is a villian so im assuming the heroes have fought him and won. Also in arrow it is implied he has lost

5. Katana: because i dont know any other sword characters and im not counting batman or taliah al ghul or connor hawk because i dont think i give good judgment on the characters and i refuse to give batman to many high spots i only give batman the best detective because in every time he fights he cheats using his gadgets, to me he is a detective with martial arts skills and high tech gadgets. not some kind of super god human guy in a costume that can do everything i also think he is a great escape artist but other than that i would say he is above average but not as good as a complete trainer of martial arts

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Top 5?



Green Arrow

Ra's Al Ghul

Lady Vic

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Batman beaten Ra's in a sword fight before so I will say he is up there

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1-Ra's Al Ghul

2-Wonder Woman

3- Katana

4- Deathstroke


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its gotta be between deathstroke and katana

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1. Batman

2. Deathstroke

3. Lady Shiva

4. Lady Vic

5. Cassandra Cain

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the guy from Stormwatch...Henry sommething

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@tiger26 said:

its gotta be between deathstroke and katana

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Ras al ghul is rubbish

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