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Note: This is an unfinished project, a collection of all major feats from all major fighters in the first two seasons of the CW's "Arrow" series. Unfortunately, I was unable to stick it out until the end, and have settled for posting what I have so far. All characters have their season 1 feats of the show and Volume 1 feats of the comics more or less finished, however, only Oliver, Merlyn, Deathstroke, and Diggle have their season 2 feats finished, and nobody has Volume 2 of the comics finished. Also, I was only able to post gifs/videos for the "strength" section of Oliver's feat list, which was the first section. Everything else is plain text, however both episode numbers and timestamps are included, so it shouldn't be hard to find evidence of a decent-sounding feat. I regret not perfecting this thread, but I figured it would be better to put what I have out there instead of letting it all go to waste.

Oliver Queen/The Arrow


Ep 101 - 18:05 - Oliver can effortlessly crush necks (over 1,000 pounds of force required).

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Ep 101 - 22:15 - Oliver creating his HQ from an abandoned warehouse, he is shown smashing through the concrete floor with a pickaxe, hauling hundreds of pounds of gear into the basement via rope by himself, knocking over walls with a sledgehammer, among other things, before commencing his workout which includes the salmon ladder and hanging upside down crunches.

Ep 102 - 01:02 Oliver throws a man several meters and kicks out a metal grate.

Clip not found. Opening of the episode where The Arrow defeats a group of men then threatens a CEO. If anyone finds the clip please show me.

Ep 103 - 00:00 - Oliver lifts four concrete cinder blocks hanging from a chain without proper leverage as part of daily exercise.

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Ep 103 - 15:20 - Oliver can snap bones like twigs.

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Ep 107 - 35:30 - Oliver breaks through zipcuffs.

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Ep 108 - 4:30 - Oliver doing handstands as part of daily exercise and Diggle comments that he might want to join the Olympics.

Ep 109 - 35:26 - When near death, The Arrow summons the remainder of his strength and manages to knock The Dark Archer out cold with a single punch.

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Ep 111 - 26:45 - The Arrow is strong enough to hold back a rocket propelled grenade using a trash can lid like a shield with only one arm, although it lifts his body in the air and sends him flying, his arm holds back the rocket the whole time.

Clip not found. Scene of Oliver fighting the Blackhawk Security guys while they're trying to steal the armored truck. If anyone finds the scene please show me.

Ep 116 - 26:30 - The Arrow knocks out a trio of triad hitmen all at once and sends their bodies sprawling with one swing of his bow.

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Ep 117 - 27:30 - The Arrow snaps Huntress's handcuffs.

Clip not found. Scene of Oliver saving Helena from the police station after she is arrested. If anyone finds the scene please show me.

Ep 119 - 32:33 - Oliver breaks through hospital restraints while overdosing on vertigo.

Clip not found. Scene of Oliver being captured by the doctor and injected with Vertigo, right before Diggle bursts in and saves him. If anyone finds the scene please show me.

Ep 121 - 23:15 and 32:20 - Oliver one-arms a fully grown man through a wooden door.

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Ep 122 - 41:07 - The Arrow cleanly decapitates a stone statue with a swing from his bow.

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Ep 202 - 7:10 - Roy tries to storm off, only for Oliver to casually grab him by the arm and hold him perfectly in place, with Roy looking back in abject horror at Oliver’s strength.

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Ep 212 - 17:17 - Oliver catches a punch from Mirakuru Roy.

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Ep 223 - 29:00 - Deathstroke's heavy body armor can deflect bullets and even Oliver's arrows which are capable of piercing through steel, meaning the armor is stronger than steel, but Arrow is able to fight and injure him like it's not even there, to the point where they are both bloodied up and struggling to stay standing.

Comic Feats-

Issue 1 - Pg 7 - Arrow swings out of a moving helicopter and through the city using a grapple arrow while carrying a fully grown man under his arm.

Issue 6 - Pg - 7 - Arrow punches through a car windshield, grabs hold of the driver and pulls him through with one hand, shattering the rest of the windshield in the process.

Issue 10 - Pg 8-9 - Oliver chokes out Deathride and nearly strangles him to death but manages to stop himself at the last second, Deathride being a 7-8 foot tall monster man strong enough to kill a fighter of similar size in only one punch.

Issue 13 - Pg 10 - The Arrow nearly severs a man's head with a coin.


Ep 109 - 24:15 - The Arrow is briefly engulfed in the flames of a large chemical explosion, but is unaffected.

Ep 114 - 31:05 - Oliver on the island is handcuffed and getting beaten down by Billy Wintergreen during his ‘execution’. Billy attacks him in all of his vitals and critical spots, but Oliver recovers almost immediately after it’s over and seemingly retains no damage.

Ep 115 - 24:00 - The Arrow tanks the explosion from The Dodger’s bomb collar.

Ep 121 - 23:45 - The Arrow gets a pool cue broken over his shoulder without budging.

Ep 123 - 3;48 - Oliver tanks dropping himself onto cold concrete from at least 10-15 feet in the air and landing straight on his back.

Ep 203 - 27:15 - Oliver on the island survives getting hit with a missile.

Ep 204 - 35:10 - Arrow tanks a grenade round going off at close range.

Ep 208 - 16:10 - Oliver's first encounter with Solomon Grundy, he gets hit multiple times, even getting punched straight through a car door, but is never incapacitated.

Ep 208 - 38:00 - During his second encounter with Solomon Grundy, Oliver tanks getting punched in the wrist then survives Grundy tossing him around the warehouse. He is eventually KOd, not by Grundy’s attacks, but by getting punched into a shelf full of syringes and overdosing on chemicals.

Ep 209 - 31:38 - The Arrow's third encounter with Solomon Grundy. Grundy hurls Ollie into a cement pillar hard enough to shatter it, then kicks him across the room into a metal canister. Ollie is about to give up, but after a quick pep talk from ghost Tommy, he immediately recovers and begins manhandling Grundy as if nothing even happened.

Ep 212 - 25:13 - Oliver tanks getting tossed across the room by Mirakuru Roy.

Ep 219 - 35:30 - Ollie tanks getting tackled by Slade into a stone wall.

Ep 221 - 38:50 - Arrow receives several critical blows from a Mirakuru soldier before being strangled with a fiber wire, and although he is unable to escape his opponent's superhuman grasp, he does manage to resist choking to death long enough for Laurel to save him, after which he appears completely uninjured.

Ep 222 - 0:30 - Oliver survives caving in a tunnel on top of himself and digs his way out from underneath the rubble to keep back the Mirakuru army.

Ep 223 - 29:00 - Oliver on the island survives being beaten by Slade for several minutes on end, despite the fact that Slade is actively trying to kill him, and after it's over Oliver shows no signs of injury. Slade is consistently able to kill normal men with only one punch.

Comic Feats-

Issue 2 - Pg 8 - The Arrow is consumed in an explosion but is unharmed and escapes the building before the chain reaction could go off.

Issue 6 - Pg 6-7 - The Arrow jumps from a several story apartment building and lands on a car.

Issue 10 - Pg 8 - Oliver is able to survive getting thrown into a steel fence by Deathride and recovers almost immediately, despite Deathride previously killing a 7 foot tall professional cage fighter in only one punch.

Issue 12 - Pg 7-10 - Ollie survives setting off a massive chemical explosion that destroys an entire yacht. He was the only survivor of the explosion, despite being right in the center of it, and still had enough strength to swim to miles to shore.


Ep 101 - 15:45 - Oliver is sedated and briefly tortured with an electric taser, but this only seems to make him angry.

Ep 101 - 34:50 - Oliver is shot by Drakon but manages to quickly recover and dodge police gunfire and escape out the window.

Ep 103 - 2:05 - The Arrow is shot in the arm with a poison bullet and only shows signs of minor discomfort at worst.

Ep 105 - 21:40 - Oliver on the island is tortured by Billy Wintergreen under Edward Fyers orders to reveal Yao Fei’s location, but despite being untrained and already in bad condition at this time, Oliver resists completely to the point where Fyers just gives up.

Ep 106 - 19:37, 32:22, 38:06 - Oliver is struggling to stay alive on the island after being trapped in a dark cave for days, between his starvation, dehydration, and copious amounts of injuries, and he even considers letting himself die. But the ghost of his father shows up in a hallucination and motivates him not to give up, allowing Oliver to deny his death until Yao Fei shows up.

Ep 109 - 34:46 - In his fight against The Dark Archer, Oliver is shot through the leg with an arrow, takes two more in his back, gets his wrist snapped, and receives three broken ribs, but just when the Archer thinks he’s won, Oliver summons the remainder of his strength and injures the Archer’s leg with a flechette, then knocks him out cold with one punch.

Ep 112 - 24:08 - Oliver endures the pain induced by a pure Vertigo injection long enough for Diggle to carry him through the city all the way back to the Arrowcave and give him the cure. Other men have only been able to last seconds after a pure Vertigo injection before choosing to just kill themselves. Oliver himself nearly lost his mind and strangled Diggle, but managed to regain control of himself and resist.

Ep 113 - 31:42 - Oliver on the island breaks his own fingers to escape his bindings when Slade is about to kill him, then has enough strength to punch Slade in the face, impressing Slade enough that he let's Oliver live.

Ep 123 - 35:22 - Moments away from being strangled to death by Merlyn, Oliver spots a loose arrow on the ground and uses it to stab through himself, inches from his heart, into Merlyn. While Malcolm bleeds out on the ground, Oliver stands up and shrugs it off.

Ep 202 - 32:30 - Oliver tanks getting stabbed and slashed across his ribs repeatedly during Bronze Tiger's ambushes.

Ep 204 - 11:10, 24:34, 27:05 - Oliver is shot at point blank range on the Amazo and is tasked with removing the bullet himself using basic tools and no anesthesia. He succeeds.

Ep 212 - 31:00 - Bronze Tiger ambushes Oliver from above, jumping down and digging his claws into the latter’s back nearly to the base. Oliver however recovers quickly.



Ep 101 - 17:20 - 17:55: Oliver dodges through a whole clip of assault rifle fire while chasing down one of his kidnappers.

Ep 103 - 27:00 - Arrow dodges Deadshot’s gunfire twice.

Ep 106 - 30:42 - The Arrow outruns close range assault rifle fire from Kyle Reston, a surprisingly skilled criminal, after he begins shooting.

Ep 109 - 34:20 - Oliver sidesteps numerous arrows fired by The Dark Archer throughout the course of their battle.

Ep 117 - 34:10 - The Arrow appears out of nowhere and saves a police officer from one of Huntress’s crossbow bolts after she fires by pushing him out of the way while simultaneously catching it with his bow.

Ep 120 - 15:32 - Arrow dodges Mr. Blank's gunfire.

Ep 120 - 33:35 - Oliver is shot from behind by Mr. Blank, and despite the gun having a suppressor, Oliver is still able to react fast enough to dodge the bullet.

Ep 123 - 29:54 - Oliver sidesteps an arrow fired by Merlyn from close range with little warning.

Ep 123 - 30:20 - Oliver opens the door to the roof and immediately has an arrow flying in his face, but manages to dodge despite little warning.

Ep 123 - 31:47 - Arrow and Dark Archer sidestep all of each other's arrows while running towards each other.

Ep 202 - 39:00 - Oliver catches a flechette thrown by Roy Harper.

Ep 207 - 31:40 - Oliver bullet times against Count Vertigo and reaches cover without being shot.

Ep 210 - 33:34 - Oliver ducks underneath a bullet while on his motorcycle.

Ep 219 - 10:10 - Oliver dodges Deathstroke's gunfire while dragging Felicity.

Comic Feats-

Issue 6 - Pg 6 - The Arrow leaps out the way of a stream of automatic gunfire from point blank range.

Issue 6 - Pg 8-9 - Justin Whicker fires his gun at The Arrow from point blank range. In the next panel, Justin is dead on the ground with an arrow in his chest, and The Arrow is fine. It's not explicitly shown, but logically since Oliver wasn't shot he either dodged the bullet, or stopped it with his arrow.

Issue 7 - Pg 2 - The Arrow dodges through several bullets after they are fired.

Issue 8 - Pg 8 - The Arrow dodges bullets in midair while firing his arrows.

Issue 16 - Pg 9 - Arrow maneuvers around two assault rifles from point blank range simultaneously.

Issue 17 - Pg 5 - Arrow leaps out the way of two opposing thugs just as they fire their guns, causing them to actually shoot each other instead of him.



Ep 107 - 2:00 - Oliver nearly chases down a speeding motorcycle on foot.

Ep 112 - 00:00 - 00:26 - The Arrow is chasing down a drug dealer at the docks. The dealer gets a massive lead on the vigilante and can no longer see him when he reaches the other side of the docks, only to find the vigilante had already gotten ahead of him despite moving through the rooftops and fire escapes while the dealer was on solid ground sprinting as fast as he could.

Ep 118 - 16:00 - As Joseph Falk is about to murder another victim, Oliver rides his bike halfway across town to an old apartment complex where Joseph is supposedly hiding, before kicking in and searching every single office on every single floor, then when he finds Joseph is not there, he makes his way across the rooftops several blocks to an empty lot and gets back down to street level, all in just under three minutes.

Comic Feats-

Issue 2 - Pg 7-9 - After detonating his building with The Arrow right in the epicenter of the explosion, Scott Morgan escapes out the nearest exit and presumably locks the door behind him, with the whole facility blowing up in the next panel. Somehow The Arrow was able to escape the building before then, with Morgan stating "There's no way any man could make it out of the chain reaction that followed... But I think we know by now he's not just any man."



Ep 123 - 2:10 - Malcolm Merlyn admits that Oliver is faster than him.


Ep 101 - 00:00 - Oliver makes his way through the forest, swinging on trees, climbing hills, and making leaps at high speeds to reach a fishing boat on the coast.

Ep 101 - 17:20 - 17:55 - Oliver dodges a whole clip of assault rifle fire from one of his kidnappers while chasing him down through a warehouse and across rooftops.

Ep 103 - 12:10 - 13:00 - Oliver scales a building in seconds in civilian clothes with just his bare hands.

Ep 105 - 49:45 - The Arrow stops a major arms deal between the Russian mob and Starling City gangsters, using his extreme agility to counter their heavy firepower and take them all down one by one.

Ep 112 - 00:00 - 00:26 - The Arrow outraces a drug dealer to the other side of the docks while platforming across the rooftops and fire escapes, despite giving the dealer a large lead.

Ep 118 - 17:39 - Oliver hops his way across rooftops and then makes his way down to street level to reach a lot several blocks away in under a minute.

Ep 123 - 3:48 - Oliver is strung up by chains with none of his gear. In order to escape, he turns himself upside down and climbs up his own chains, and then drops himself in order to break the beam he is attached to.

Ep 208 - 16:20 - While hanging from the edge of a speeding truck, Oliver is punched by Solomon Grundy, but is able to transfer his motion and swing safely over to the windshield rather than fall into traffic.

Ep 209 - 15:45 - The Arrow sprints down the side of the building using a grapple arrow.

Ep 211 - 40:50 - Oliver easily maneuvers around all of Roy's angry attacks without raising a hand despite the latter’s superhuman strength and speed.

Comic Feats-

Issue 1 - Pg 5-7 - The Arrow jumps into a moving helicopter from a nearby rooftop and steals Patel right out of his seat, then swings away on a grapple arrow with Patel under his arm.

Issue 8 - Pg 7-8 - The Arrow takes out some guards and dodges bullets with acrobatic skill.


Ep 101 - 7:50 - Oliver is fluent in Russian.

Ep 102 - 31:54 - Oliver is fluent in Chinese.

Ep 101 - 15:45 - After being sedated and briefly tortured, Oliver nonchalantly frees his hands from the zip cuffs that bound him without any of his captures noticing.

Ep 102 - 29:30 - Oliver steals Thea's drugs from her purse without her noticing, displaying skill at sleight of hand.


Ep 103 - 6:38 - Oliver IDs the poison from the bullet fired at him and traces it back to the assassin Deadshot.

Ep 103 - 13:58 - Oliver continues his detective work by tracing the money trail from Deadshot's bullets back to the Russian mob, where he goes so far as to get the assassin’s name: Floyd Lawton, information that not even ARGUS had.

Ep 106 - 11:06 and 13:24 - Diggle and Oliver doing some detective work, they manage to ID the whole Royal Flush gang simply from some grainy security cam footage and a few seconds of analyzing.

Ep 103 - 12:10 - Oliver seems to have a close to or even completely eidetic memory, as he is able to remember exactly where Deadshot's bullet impacted on the building from the night before, despite having been shot and poisoned at the time and the fact that it was night when he saw the bullet.

Ep 105 - 10:20 - Oliver has been caught on camera changing into the Arrow costume and was arrested. Everyone is distraught and believes he is doomed, only for Oliver to nonchalantly reveal to Diggle that he actually knew the camera was there and had planned to get arrested simply so that he could prove himself innocent and shoot down any suspicions of his identity.

Ep 105 - 20:46 - Oliver fools a polygraph and manipulates Detective Lance into trusting him, despite the fact that Lance hates Oliver and was convinced he was the vigilante. (Lance claims in this scene not to be fooled but it is revealed in episode 7 that Oliver really did convince him)

Ep 105 - 24:22 - Oliver reveals the second part of his plan; having Diggle dress up as the Arrow and stop crime downtown, while he hosts a party at his mansion as an alibi. This goes to show Oliver's master plan was perfectly crafted and perfectly timed, as he recruited Diggle mere moments before being arrested.

Ep 101 - 29:45 - Oliver deduces that Firefly is Garfield Linz, something that Diggle hadn’t even considered because Garfield Linz was supposed to be dead after getting caught in a fire years prior, but Oliver realized that he survived and was the one murdering fireman around the city.

Ep 111 - 11:51 - While infiltrating Edward Fyers compound, Oliver finds himself sitting in a jeep side by side with Fyers himself, who is suspicious of his identity. Despite being starved and weak, Oliver is able to outsmart Fyers and dodge suspicion, answering all of his questions correctly even when Fyers attempted to trick him.

Ep 118 - 40:57 - Oliver realizes that the symbol in his father's book is a map of the city's subway line when neither Diggle nor Felicity even considered it, and this leads to him figuring out that The Undertaking revolves around the Glades.

Ep 119 - 9:33 - Oliver has Diggle go undercover and buy a supply of Vertigo using bugged cash, with the plan being to trace the money all the way back to the Vertigo supplier.

Ep 119 - 27:47 - Oliver deduces that The Count, after his escape of the mental institution, never actually broke out. While the police were following leads and looking for everything outside of the asylum, Oliver realized that The Count was actually still inside, collecting ingredients for his new Vertigo formula.

Ep 123 - 3:48 - Oliver has been strung up by chains by Malcolm Merlyn, but despite having no equipment, he is able to figure out a way to escape using nothing but his own body weight and athleticism.

Ep 123 - 19:15 and 25:00 - Oliver deduces exactly where Malcolm Merlyn is holding the earthquake device. From their earlier conversation where Merlyn revealed that he was motivated to destroy the Glades by his wife’s murder, and logical deduction that the machine is underground, Oliver figures out that Merlyn is keeping the device in the same place his wife was killed.

Ep 201 - 27:18 - Oliver IDs one of the Hood imitators and gets a lead on the group's whereabouts in seconds when the police had nothing after months of investigation.

Ep 208 - 18:08 - Using his knowledge on the Mirakuru serum, Oliver is able to anticipate Solomon Grundy’s next robbery by having Felicity analyze his blood on the arrowhead Oliver used to stab him, then use that to find the sedative Grundy is using and what he therefore must be after next.


Battle tactics:

Ep 101 - 34:00 - Adam Hunt and his body guards are waiting on the other side of a door for The Arrow to come in so that they can shoot him immediately. Oliver however is smart enough to anticipate this and throws one of the guards through the door before himself, both diverting the enemy fire and getting rid of another opponent at the same time.

Ep 101 - 34:08 - Oliver fires a trick arrow into Adam Hunt's wall. While Hunt thinks that Oliver missed him, the arrow is actually hacking into his computers and downloading 40 million dollars out of his bank account, as shown at 37:27.

Ep 103 - 31:15 - The Arrow disguises himself as a prison guard in order to infiltrate Iron Heights Prison just as a massive riot is about to take place, allowing him to sneak in and rescue Laurel without any trouble.

Ep 106 - 17:10 - The Arrow suddenly finds himself surrounded by a team of rifle-toting SWAT agents. In an instant, he spins around, and without even taking a second to think, fires an arrow into a junction box filling the garage with darkness and allowing himself to escape.

Ep 111 - 26:40 - In the middle of combat against a team of elite ex-special forces, The Arrow is nearly run over by a van and is forced to break off from fighting in order to dodge. He immediately realizes that dodging the truck has left him open to his opponents' grenade launcher, so without even taking a second to think he grabs a trash can lid while still in midair, then right as he lands, as if on cue, the grenade launcher fires. However, he is able to save himself by using the trash can lid as a shield, already in place, showing his situational awareness and ability to think extremely quickly.

Ep 113 - 34:30 - The Arrow spots two snipers waiting for him with their beads already set, however before either of them can react he quickly shoots out a junction box, blinding the snipers with sparks long enough for him to take them out.

Ep 116 - 15:12 - Oliver has the opportunity to interrogate a triad but doesn’t have his costume. So in order to mask his own identity, Oliver blinds the Triad with soy sauce, then speaks using a perfect Chinese accent. Afterwards Oliver goes back into the restaurant and takes his seat while the guards walk right past him, searching for a Chinese man.

Ep 117 - 27:10 - The Arrow smokes out a whole police department to clear himself a path to the interrogation room where Huntress is being held.

Ep 119 - 32:20 - Oliver is captured by Dr. Webb and has his weapons stripped of him, however he was able to conceal a remote detonator in his sleeve and uses it to set off one of his arrows, allowing him to escape.

Ep 121 - 1:10 - Oliver sends down the elevator to misdirect the guards while he himself comes down through the ceiling, taking them by surprise and snatching the one guard's metal briefcase which he uses to shield himself from the other guard.

Ep 121 - 23:15 - The Arrow clears out a heavily fortified mob casino by himself, using everything in the environment to his advantage, even their own weapons, without killing anyone. When the head mobster is using Felicity as a human shield, Oliver fires an arrow into a dart board near his head, and when the mobster mocks him for missing, the vigilante reveals that he didn't and the arrow explodes knocking the criminal to the ground and freeing Felicity.

Ep 122 - 22:52 - Oliver quickly organizes a complex, heist-esque plan to break into Merlyn Global Industries and reach the company's mainframe located on the 25th floor for Felicity to hack into and find the location of the earthquake machine, even finding time in his plan to settle business with Tommy, despite the building's heavy security and his own lack of manpower (it was just him, Diggle, and Felicity)

Ep 123 - 3:48 - Oliver has been strung up by chains by Malcolm Merlyn, but despite having no equipment, he is able to figure out a way to escape using nothing but his own body weight and athleticism.

Ep 123 - 32:00 - Oliver fires an arrow at The Dark Archer from point blank range only for Merlyn to catch it. However, Oliver knew that Merlyn was more than fast enough to do that, and manipulated him into catching the arrow so that it could explode in his face

Ep 123 - 35:22 - After being defeated by Merlyn and moments away from being strangled to death, Oliver spots a loose arrow on the ground and uses it to stab through himself, into Merlyn, at just the right angle to avoid his own heart while piercing Merlyn's.

Ep 201 - 2:42 - While making her way through the jungle, Felicity steps on a landmine and is trapped, but Oliver is able to think quickly and save her by swinging on a vine and grabbing her fast enough to dodge the explosion.

Ep 201 - 19:30 - Using some quick thinking, Oliver is able to save himself and Felicity from a group of gunmen by jumping out a window just before they are shot, and using the blinds as a makeshift grapple to swing into the floor below.

Ep 201 - 31:23 - Earlier in the episode the police got in Oliver's way and prevented him from stopping China White. To prevent that from happening again, Ollie has Felicity feed the police false information, sending them to the other side of the city while he handles everything in peace.

Ep 204 - 6:05 - With a little help from Felicity, Oliver realized that the Canary wasn't stalking him, but rather Laurel. Using that information, Oliver was able to anticipate the Canary's location, and ambushed her on the rooftop opposite of Laurel's apartment, manipulating her movements so that she would run over to a specific building, thinking she was escaping, when in reality Oliver had set up two crossbows equipped to tie her up at that location, perfectly trapping her without injuring her. When Canary tries to use her sonic weapon to escape, Oliver reveals that he planned for that too, and was using a device to protect his ears.

Ep 205 - 8:50 - When ambushed by Al-Owal in his own home in civilian clothes, Oliver is able to compensate for his lack of gear and inferior training by using various items in the environment to his advantage, and with Sara's help he manages to defeat Al-Owal.

Ep 208 - 15:50 - Oliver uses a double-misdirection tactic to get the drop on Solomon Grundy while they're in the middle of a car chase, first shooting out his right side mirror, then driving his bike up to the opposite side only to reveal the bike is empty, then finally while Grundy is confused, he swings in from the roof.

Ep 209 - 32:59 - Despite being skilled enough to take Grundy on in hand-to-hand, Oliver is unable to actually bring him down with either his arrows or bare fists. So in order to defeat the Mirakuru soldier, Ollie maneuvers him over to the centrifuge before destroying it with an arrow, showering Grundy in various chemicals and acid that burns him to death.

Ep 215 - 20:00 - Oliver outsmarts Ivo by feeding him false information while pretending to be under the influence of truth serum, manipulating him into sending all of his men down to the engine rooms and allowing Sara and Slade to easily board the ship from the air without any resistance.

Ep 219 - 35:30 - After getting tackled by Slade, Oliver outsmarts the Mirakuru enhanced super soldier with an explosive arrow.

Ep 221 - 40:40 - After he and Laurel are cornered by the Mirakuru army, Oliver uses an explosive arrow to cause a cave in and keep the super soldiers separated.

Ep 222 - 17:10 - Team Arrow's van has been overturned and two Mirakuru soldiers are approaching to finish them off. After climbing out through the windshield, Oliver turns back and fires an explosive arrow into the trunk, just as the two superhumans lift it up and unknowingly put the arrow right in their faces. The arrow then explodes and takes them both out simultaneously.

Ep 223 - 28:15 - Oliver is unable to get close enough to Slade to inject him with the cure, so he instead finally outsmarts Slade by pretending to be outsmarted himself, confessing his love for Felicity at the Queen Mansion when he knew Slade had the place bugged, then when Slade goes to kidnap Felicity, she injects him with the cure Oliver had slipped her.

Comic Feats-

Issue 7 - Pg 8-9 - In an earlier confrontation with this jewel thief, Oliver was distracted by a flash grenade and the perp got away. Oliver learned from his mistake and in their next encounter he uses his sleight of hand skills to check the guy's pockets and steal his grenade before he can use it.

Issue 12 - Pg 6-8 - Oliver is cornered by two uzi toting triad in a room full of flammable chemicals. The triad hold him at gunpoint, deciding not to risk setting off the chemicals, while Ollie does the exact opposite and scrapes an arrowhead against the ground to create a spark, then fires it directly into the crates.


Ep 1 00:35 - 00:50 - Oliver lights an arrow head on fire and shoots it into a stack of branches at least half a mile away to create an explosion, attracting the attention of a nearby fishing boat.

Ep 1 23:30 - Oliver bounces six tennis balls all at once and pins them each to the wall with six arrows as part of daily training.

Ep 2 - 0:55 - The Arrow lands a killshot on a sprinting guard while only looking at him out of the corner of his eye.

Ep 2 31:15 - Oliver fires an arrow as Martin Sommers is sprinting away, with the arrow coming within millimeters of Martin's neck and trapping him against a stack of crates as Oliver fires more arrows to block him from escaping, without drawing a drop of blood.

Ep 3 38:00 - The Arrow vs Deadshot. Despite his inferior weaponry and Deadshot's surprising toughness in close quarters combat, The Arrow is able to beat Floyd Lawton at his own game and put an arrow through his eye.

Ep 5 40:59 - The Arrow fires two arrows simultaneously against both sides of a gangster's neck, perfectly pinning him to a stack of crates without making any skin contact.

Ep 8 - 11:32 - Oliver attempts to teach Helena archery, telling her that using a bow and arrow is about patience and control, and demonstrates this by having her throw small objects into the air and pinning them to the wall, even shooting a tennis ball straight out of her hand.

Ep 11 - 26:08 - The Arrow takes on a team of highly elite ex-special forces soldiers-turned-armored car hijackers with extremely heavy firepower. He is able to shoot the mask straight off one of their faces from a great distance and pump the rest of them with arrows while avoiding their gunfire, despite the area being near pitch black dark. Another typical Arrow battle, again showing that Oliver never misses.

Ep 12 - 40 - The Arrow fires at a drug dealer who is frantically climbing a crane, snagging the sleeve of his shirt and pinning him to the crane without the arrow making any contact with his skin.

Ep 12 - 35:20 and 35:40 - Even while suffering from the after effects of a pure Vertigo overdose, which blurred Oliver's vision, made him so weak he could barely stand, and caused him constant pain, he still throws his flechettes with perfect accuracy.

Ep 13 - 34:30 - The Arrow snipes two snipers with just his bow before either can react.

Ep 19 - 14:55 - The Arrow fires and causes a spark in a car's gas tank from a distance away, making the whole thing to explode.

Ep 19 - 36:28 - Oliver had spent the entire episode slapping a bowl of water as part of Shado's 'training'. Just as he gets fed up, she reveals that after doing that all day, his arm strength had increased to where he can effortlessly pull back a bow string, despite being incapable of it earlier.

Ep 20 - 9:55 and 24:47 - Shado training Oliver in archery.

Ep 20 - 21:00 - Oliver fires two arrows simultaneously through a tinted limousine windshield all the way to the back seat where Edward Rasmus is seated, pinning him by each of his shoulders without injuring him.

Ep 202 - 33:30 - Oliver tags Bronze Tiger with a taser arrow.

Ep 202 - 34:15 - Oliver is able to fire a trick arrow into China White's hands from a great distance away while riding his motorcycle, incapacitating her and also pinning her to a pillar right before she was able to kill Diggle.

Ep 204 - 35:10 - Oliver draws his bow and shoots down a grenade round in midair.

Ep 207 - 32:35 - Oliver is able to draw his bow and fill The Count with arrows before he can inject Felicity with vertigo.

Ep 210 - 1:10 - Oliver blows out a car engine and causes the vehicle to overturn with one perfectly placed arrow.

Ep 210 - 33:00 - Just as Oliver pulls up to Brother Blood's rally, Shrapnel throws a fist-sized explosive device into the middle of the crowd. Oliver quickly draws his bow and is able to shoot it down in midair from the other side of the plaza before it could reach the crowd.

Ep 213 - 32:35 - Arrow takes on Nyssa Al Ghul in a duel. Despite the assassin's superior speed and agility to himself, Oliver is able to match her and eventually close the distance where he quickly defeats her.

Ep 217 - 25:55 - After tossing Canary out of a five story window, Huntress aims her crossbow and prepares to fire, however right before she can pull the trigger, Oliver sprints over, draws his bow, and fires into her crossbow from street level, successfully disarming her before she could react.

Comic Feats-

Issue 1 - Pg 5-6 - The Arrow shoots an arrow through the windshield of a moving helicopter while in midair right in between the two passengers without hitting either just for the sake of scaring them.

Issue 6 - Pg 4 - The Arrow ambushes Irena Poutchkova but gets tripped by her and falls to the ground. She tries to run away, but just as she rounds a corner Oliver fires an arrow into her sleeve and pins her to a wall without the arrow touching her flesh.



Ep 101 - 34:50 - Oliver throws a flechette directly into Drakon's throat with perfect accuracy while tumbling through the air and getting shot at.

Ep 102 - 25:12 - Just as China White is about to kill Diggle, Oliver disarms her from across the room with a throwing knife. Diggle later reveals that it was just a kitchen knife and wasn't even weighted properly, and couldn’t understand how Oliver was still able to throw it perfectly.

Ep 102 - 34:43 - Oliver disarms Detective Lance with a flechette from a decent distance away before he could react.

Ep 109 - 34:46 - The Arrow is shot through the leg by The Dark Archer and begins plummeting to the ground, but lands safely with a last minute midair recovery.

Ep 115 - 32:35 - Oliver disables The Dodger’s car with a single perfectly thrown flechette.

Ep 117 - 27:38 - The Arrow throws a paralyzing dart directly into Detective Lance's throat through a smoke filled hallway before Lance can pull the trigger.

Wing Chun-

Ep 107 - 6:40 - Oliver practicing Wing Chun on a dummy.

Ep 110 - 12:12 - Diggle is practicing Wing Chun, presumably taught to him by Oliver, when Oliver walks in and advises him to better his technique by rotating his hips and not just his arms.

Ep 115 - 2:12 - Oliver combining his Wing Chun techniques with escrima.

Ep 212 - 10:10 - Oliver teaches Roy how to control his power using Wing Chun.

Escrima Kali/Stick Fighting-

Ep 101 - 7:19 - Oliver practicing escrima.

Ep 106 - 2:40 - Oliver training Diggle in escrima.

Ep 114 - 4:50 - Flashbacks of Slade training Oliver in various forms of combat including hand-to-hand, knife combat, escrima, and disarming maneuvers.

Ep 115 - 2:12 - Oliver combining his Wing Chun techniques with escrima.

Ep 201 - 5:30 - Oliver keeping up with Slade in escrima after five months of training.

Ep 204 - 35:20 - Arrow grabs Canary's Bo-Staff and uses stick fighting skills to take down a group of gangsters.


Ep 110 - 40:17 - Oliver practices shadow boxing while hanging upside down on his salmon ladder.

Ep 120 - 00:56 - Oliver training Diggle in boxing.

Issue 10 - Pg 1 - Oliver and Diggle training in kickboxing.


Ep 203 - 5:44 - Oliver and Diggle sparring in wrestling.

Military combat:

Ep 109 - 1:45 - Oliver and Diggle have a complex sparring match with their blades while carrying on a casual conversation.

Ep 114 - 4:50 - Flashbacks of Slade training Oliver in various forms of combat including hand-to-hand, knife combat, escrima, and disarming maneuvers.

Ep 103 - 15:20 - Oliver field strips a pistol in seconds.

Pressure Points/Nerve Strikes:

Ep 112 - 15:44 and 17:55 - Oliver uses a pressure point to stop a man's pulse, then reawakens him with a tap.

Ep 115 - 33:00 - Oliver severs The Dodger’s median nerve with a flechette, preventing him from pressing the button on his detonator.

Ep 120 - 34:25 - Earlier in the episode, Mr. Blank used a technique that created an embolism in the victim's blood by applying pressure to just the right area above the wrist, with the air pocket reaching the victim's heart in just 15 seconds and killing them immediately. However when he tries to use it against Oliver, Ollie recognizes it immediately and counters.

Issue 10 - Pg 8 - Oliver attacks a pressure point in Deathride's throat that makes him spit out blood.


Ep 101 - 15:45 After being sedated and tortured, Oliver escapes his bonds and kills all his captures without being shot by using their own weapons and the same chair that bound him, against them.

Ep 101 - 32:58 - Oliver storms Adam Hunt's building and makes his way through the elite security team who had spent all day preparing specifically for him without taking a single hit, then makes short work of Drakon.

Ep 102 - 00:43 - Oliver takes down an elite security squad in seconds with ease.

Ep 105 - 49:45 - The Arrow stops a major arms deal between the Russian mob and Starling gangsters, using his extreme agility to avoid their heavy firepower and take them all out.

Ep 112 - 34:16 - Oliver storms The Count’s HQ without his bow and arrows while still suffering from the after effects of a pure Vertigo overdose, which made him so weak he could barely stand, blurred his vision, and caused him constant pain, and still fights his way through the small army of men before finally confronting The Count himself and making short work of him.

Ep 121 - 31:56 - Arrow rescues Walter from Merlyn’s fortified warehouse, singlehandedly defeating the small army of guards stationed there all at once in a tight hallway.

Ep 205 - 34:14 - Arrow bursts into the clock tower and saves Sara from Al-Owal before making quick work of another ninja.

Ep 218 - 31:30 - Oliver clears out a warehouse full of Slade's men by himself in order to reach Thea.


Ep 102 - 31:54 - First fight with China White. Oliver blocks and parries all of her knife strikes with just his bow, though the fight ends with her seemingly having the advantage.

Ep 103 - 38:30 - The Arrow manhandles Deadshot in close quarters combat.

Ep 107 - 25:12 - The Arrow briefly battles Helena Bertinelli in CQC, he seems to have the advantage but let's her go when he realizes who she is.

Ep 108 - 35:00 - The Arrow again battles The Huntress on even ground in close quarters combat, although he seemed to be holding back due to his love for her, he still has the advantage when the fight is interrupted.

Ep 110 - 21:30- Diggle attacks Oliver by surprise and secures him in an arm lock, but Oliver is able to reverse it and proves once again that Diggle isn’t in his league.

Ep 115 - 33:34 - Oliver makes comically short work of The Dodger, putting him down with his own weapon with which Dodger was skilled enough in his own right to wreck several canon fodder.

Ep 116 - 2:10 - The Arrow defeats the international assassin Guillermo Barrera in close quarters combat in just a matter of seconds, despite Guillermo being fast and skilled enough in his own right to cut down arrows in midair using just his knives.

Ep 116 - 26:30 - The Arrow vs China White round 2. The two seem to be almost completely on par in close quarters combat, until Oliver takes the advantage with his bow.

Ep 117 - 35:35 - Huntress disarms Oliver and attacks him by surprise, but even though he’s trying not to hurt her, he still easily deals with everything she throws out and takes the advantage.

Ep 120 - 33:55 - Oliver defeats Mr. Blank without his gear.

Ep 202 - 17:35 - First fight with Bronze Tiger. Arrow is somewhat taken off guard and Tiger manages to pin him after a fight, but the police show up and force them to retreat.

Ep 202 - 31:47 - Arrow briefly battles China White and Bronze Tiger simultaneously and manages to hold his own.

Ep 212 - 16:38 - Third fight with Bronze Tiger. They once again battle on even ground until Tiger runs away and Oliver is too distracted by Roy to chase after him.

Ep 205 - 8:50 - By working together, despite being ambushed in their civilian clothes with none of their gear, Oliver and Sara are able to defeat Al-Owal, a high ranking League of Assassins member so highly trained he can catch an arrow behind his head without looking, nearly move faster than the eye can see, and is also the man who trained Malcolm Merlyn.

Ep 205 - 18:20 - In their second encounter, when Oliver is prepared and in his Arrow uniform, he is able to get the upperhand on Al-Owal by himself, tossing him to the floor after a brief fight, and only retreating when Sara is injured by another ninja.

Ep 208 - 37:21 - Arrow's first real battle with Solomon Grundy after their brief encounter in the truck. Oliver displays fantastic skill and tactical awareness, out-maneuvering and out-fighting a man with superhuman strength and speed, but all of his attacks are ineffective and eventually he gets tagged, then thrown into a shelf of chemical syringes which overdose him and make him lose consciousness.

Ep 209 - 31:38 - The Arrow's second battle with Solomon Grundy. Despite getting thrown into a cement pillar hard enough to shatter it, and being kicked across the room into a metal container, Ollie manages to recover after a pep talk from ghost Tommy, and from there he basically manhandles Grundy in hand-to-hand combat before finishing him off with an explosion.

Ep 211 - 40:55 - Oliver easily maneuvers around all of Roy's angry attacks without raising a hand, despite Roy's superhuman strength and speed.

Ep 212 - 24:55 - Oliver once again proves that he can easily handle Roy despite the Mirakuru in his system.

Ep 213 - 33:15 - Arrow defeats Nyssa Al Ghul using a submission hold after a short fight without much difficulty.

Ep 218 - 29:30 - Oliver makes quick work of Isabel, despite her being trained by Slade and skilled enough to sneak up behind Diggle and instantly knock him out cold with a pressure point chop.

Ep 219 - 10:52 - Oliver briefly battles Deathstroke in his civilian clothes using escrima sticks, and surprisingly holds his own, until Deathstroke overpowers him with strength.

Ep 223 - 21:20 - The Arrow and a small team of assassins take on Deathstroke's entire Mirakuru army at once, with Oliver facing multiple superhumans in battle and injecting each and every one of them with the Mirakuru cure before knocking them out.

Ep 223 - 29:00 - Arrow stalemates a depowered Deathstroke in close quarters combat. The battle goes on until both combatants are barely standing and grievously injured, before Oliver manages to lure Slade over to a pillar and incapacitate him with a rope arrow.

Comic Feats-

Issue 2 - Pg 5-6 - Scott Morgan's main body guard is former Tzahal, he easily caught one of Oliver's arrows in his hand, and according to Morgan, he "can practically stick his hand in your chest, pull out your heart, and show it to you still beating." Oliver defeated him in only three panels, with Morgan watching the fight and thinking The Arrow wasn't human.

Issue 3 - Pg 1-2 - Oliver defeats China White in just close quarters combat.

Issue 10 - Pg 7-10 - The Tournament of Skulls is an underground cage fighting event where the most ruthless fighters come out to compete. The fights are literally death matches with the tournament having accumulated 60 fatalities in five years, and the reigning champ is a hitman for hire called Monty Cora. He alone is responsible for most of the fatalities, and in five years he's won each tournament without a single competitor ever landing a punch on him. Monty goes by the alias 'Deathride', and Diggle has even referred to him as "the ultimate killer." Deathride is fast enough to speedblitz his opponents from across the ring before they can react, and he killed a 7 foot tall professional fighter with only one punch. Oliver faced him in the finals of the tournament, and despite having an injured knee he won almost easily.


Ep 1 - 21:10 - Oliver jumps out of a moving car and immediately disappears from the area before Diggle can even react.

Ep 2 - 8:14 - Oliver slices Martin Sommers' cheek with an arrow and disappears from the docks in the seconds that he's distracted.

Ep 3 - 32:35 - The Arrow has Detective Lance stuck in an armbar. In an instant, he let's go, places the laptop and an arrow on the roof of the car, and vanishes from the area before Lance can turn around.

Ep 6 - 11:35 - The Arrow sneaks into the Starling City police department, avoiding detection, and hacks into their database.

Ep 6 - 30:42 - The Arrow dives behind a counter to avoid Kyle Reston's gunfire, and even though Kyle is only a second behind him, by the time he looks over the counter The Arrow is gone.

Ep 11 - 8:40 - The Arrow infiltrates Kyle Reston's private security building and makes his way right up to Kyle's face without alerting anyone. When Diggle shows up and confronts Oliver (Diggle already knew beforehand that Oliver was there) The Arrow quickly fires at a monitor, making the area go up in sparks while he grabs a data file and makes his escape before anyone can react.

Ep 12 - 36:22 - While still suffering from the after effects of a pure Vertigo overdose, which caused Oliver blurred vision, made him so weak he could barely stand, and afflicted him with constant pain, he was still able to completely vanish out of thin air from a wide open room full of cops all staring straight at him, without any form of distraction (faster than the eye can see?)

Ep 14 - 2:00 - After being shot through the chest at point blank by Moira, The Arrow is able to escape the office and make his way through the building, down to the parking garage and into Felicity Smoak’s car without alerting anyone, leaving behind only a small pool of blood.

Ep 19 - 3:23 - The Arrow infiltrates a mental hospital and makes his way into The Count's cell without alerting anyone, then disappears as soon as someone opens the door.

Ep 20 - 33:35 - Oliver is shot by Mr. Blank by surprise, but manages to dodge the bullet and immediately slip away into the darkness, then return the favor by ambushing Blank.

Ep 206 - 2:10 - While Roy is spying on a group of gangsters, Arrow casually sneaks up right behind him without being noticed, then chastises him for being "completely exposed." When their conversation ends, Oliver rounds a corner and by the time Roy looks over, nobody is there.

Ep 207 - 31:40 - Oliver dives behind a couch to take cover when Count Vertigo starts shooting him. The couch is in the middle of the room with no other cover or clear escape routes anywhere near it, yet when the Count looks behind, Oliver has somehow vanished and seemingly teleported to the other side of the room.

Ep 210 - 26:00 - Arrow turns on the lights to distract Sebastian Blood for a split second, then by the time Blood looks back towards the doorway, the vigilante is no where in the office.

Ep 211 - 4:13 - Oliver is standing right in front of a thug with large machines boxing them in on both sides. He questions him about Brother Blood, and as soon as Felicity determines he doesn't know anything, Oliver is gone before he can even turn around.

Ep 213 - 32:35 - Oliver fires an arrow at Nyssa, forcing her to dodge, and by the time she looks back over to him, he has disappeared.

Ep 221 - 37:00 - Arrow eavesdrops on Slade's army of Mirakuru soldiers, all of whom have enhanced senses.



Ep 1 - 24:30 - Arrow shoots out the lights and kills Adam Hunt's bodyguards from the shadows, then after confronting Hunt, he disappears from the parking garage as if he was never there.

Ep 2 - 7:40 - Oliver takes out the lights and immediately takes out all of Martin Sommer's guards before they turn back on.

Ep 3 - 38:10 - The Arrow eludes Deadshot and gets right behind him without making a sound.

Ep 3 - 31:15 - The Arrow jumps to the ground from at least 10-15 feet in the air and lands inches behind a prison guard without making a sound to alert him.

Ep 5 - 40:50 - The Arrow leaps down into the middle of a major arms deal and ducks inside a tent once the bullets start flying, somehow, he manages to teleport to the other side of the room and appear behind a stack of crates without anybody noticing him move.

Ep 6 - 30:42 - The Arrow is under heavy fire from Kyle Reston who is protected from head to toe by a SWAT shield. In order to get around the shield, The Arrow jumps behind cover and makes his way behind Kyle without being noticed.

Ep 13 - 15:10 - Arrow senses the police ambush on their way despite the heavy rain and large distance and several feet of concrete separating them.

Ep 13 - 33:58 - The Arrow makes his way through Cyrus Vanch's fortified HQ in just a matter of minutes, taking down every single guard in his path without ever giving away his position while the scene cuts back and forth to Vanch explaining one step at a time why it would be completely impossible for him to do just that.

Ep 20 - 33:35 - Oliver is shot by Mr. Blank by surprise, but manages to dodge the bullet and immediately slip away into the darkness, then return the favor by ambushing Blank.

Ep 202 - 33:30 - Oliver senses Bronze Tiger sneaking up behind him and spins around in time to blast him with arrows.

Ep 208 - 15:50 - Oliver uses a double-misdirection tactic to get the drop on Solomon Grundy while they're in the middle of a car chase, first shooting out his right side mirror, then driving his bike up to the opposite side only to reveal the bike is empty, then finally while Grundy is confused, he swings in from the roof.

Ep 216 - 13:30 - Ollie is investigating a crime scene while Deathstroke watches him from a rooftop 100 yards away. Despite Deathstroke doing nothing, Ollie somehow senses his presence and turns around to investigate the roof.

Malcolm Merlyn/The Dark Archer


Ep 22 - 40:55 - Malcolm can throw arrows with lethal force.

Ep 22 - 41:09 - Malcolm dents a metal column with an injured leg.

Ep 22 - 41:20 - Oliver attempts to block Malcolm’s attack with his bow, a tactic he regularly employs against opponents, only for Merlyn to chop right through the metal enclosure and snap the bow in half.


Ep 9 - 34:20 - The Dark Archer sidesteps all of Oliver’s arrows during their fight.

Ep 22 - 40:40 - Malcolm easily catches an arrow fired by Oliver from near point blank range.

Ep 23 - 29:48 - Merlyn dodges arrows and gunfire from both Oliver and Diggle simultaneously from close range.

Ep 23 - 31:47 - Arrow and Dark Archer sidestep all of each other's arrows while running towards each other.


Ep 23 - 32:00 - Merlyn tanks an explosive arrow going off in his face.

Ep 223 - 4:08 - Merlyn tanks multiple point blank gunshots into his kevlar.


Ep 9 - 34:05 - The Dark Archer (Merlyn) challenges The Arrow (Oliver) to a duel to see who the better archer is. They fire several arrows at each other, and Oliver quickly finds himself outmatched. He retreats and tries to use stealth against the archer, only for Merlyn to immediately sense him, spin around, and shoot the bow straight out of his hand before he could react. Merlyn than shoots The Arrow through the leg before slipping into the darkness and using stealth, most likely just to prove he could, and finishes The Arrow off.

Ep 22 - 40:55 - Malcolm can throw arrows with lethal precision.

Ep 23 - 30:06 - Merlyn tags Diggle with a throwing knife straight through the heart.

Technical knowledge:

Ep 7 - 28:14 - Malcolm practicing fencing in his free time.

Ep 23 - 22:25 - Malcolm uses a scimitar to take down three armed SWAT members, through their body armor, in a matter of seconds.

Ep 16 - 27:02 - Merlyn kills a Triad hitman by closing his throat.

Ep 207 - 40:30 - Malcolm reveals that he survived Oliver shoving an arrow into his heart, stating simply that “There are parts of the world where death is an illusion. I’ve been to one, I’ve learned to be very convincing.”


Ep 16 - 27:02 - Merlyn blitzes two Triad hitmen with guns in his face before either can pull the trigger.

Ep 23 - 22:25 - Malcolm blitzes three armed SWAT members with a sword through their body armor.


Ep 22 - 40:55 - Malcolm defeats The Arrow in close quarters combat with none of his gear.

Ep 23 - 29:56 - Merlyn takes on Oliver and Diggle simultaneously in CQC.

Ep 23 - 34:58 - Merlyn again defeats Oliver in close quarters combat, stating that "there was never any doubt in the outcome."

Ep 222 - 29:52 - Merlyn defeats a Mirakuru soldier in close quarters combat.


Ep 9 - 23:20 - After the Dark Archer murdered Adam Hunt, Oliver did some detective work and was able to trace the arrows he used back to an old warehouse. However, once he arrives he finds that the Dark Archer had anticipated he would come and left the trail purposely to manipulate The Arrow into walking straight into a trap.

Ep 21 - 26:45 - Frank Chen deadpans that even if he and Robert Queen were to team up, with all their joint resources and intelligence, if they were to wage a war against Malcolm Merlyn they would still lose.

Ep 22 - 1:45 - Merlyn is attacked by two security guards. He fires two arrows and kills the first guard, but somehow, the second one was able to dodge and duck behind cover. In response, rather than chase the guard down, Malcolm just casually fires into a nearby electrical box and walks away, with the box exploding the exact moment the guard pops out to return fire, killing him.

Ep 22 - 40:04 - Team Arrow spent the majority of the episode trying to get a trojan into Malcolm's computer so they could learn the location of the earthquake device, only for it to be revealed that Merlyn found them out almost immediately and had the device relocated before they could reach it, meaning all their efforts were for nothing.

Ep 23 - 36:25 - After deactivating the earthquake device, Oliver thinks it's over and that he's outsmarted Merlyn, only for Merlyn to reveal that he planned for that and had two devices planted on opposite ends of the city without Oliver knowing. The Undertaking goes off, despite team Arrow's best efforts, and Merlyn wins.

Ep 222 - 8:10 - Just as a Mirakuru soldier is about to strangle Thea to death, Malcolm shows up in the nick of time and fires multiple arrows into his arm, forcing him to drop her and allowing his daughter to escape. When the superhuman easily rips out the arrows without a scratch, they suddenly explode in his face.

Ep 222 - 29:52 - Before engaging a Mirakuru soldier in CQC, Malcolm makes sure to put at least one arrow in his body as a contingency. When the superhuman ultimately overpowers him, Malcolm rips the arrow back out and impales it into his neck.


Ep 9 - 34:30 - Merlyn senses The Arrow hiding in the dark and spins around to disarm him of his bow before he can fire a shot, then manages to disappear and successfully get the drop on The Arrow in turn, most likely just to prove that he could.

Ep 18 - 39:45 - Merlyn vanishes from a wide open street in less than 1 second.

Ep 22 - 39:42 - Merlyn while doing business in his office automatically senses The Arrow approaching behind him despite being totally off guard.

Ep 208 - 13:07 - Merlyn gets the drop on Moira after sneaking into Queen Mansion, which is said to have more security than the White House.

Ep 222 - 29:51 - Despite being distracted by Thea, Malcolm senses a Mirakuru soldier 25 feet away behind him the instant he enters the subway.



Ep 22 - 14:46 - In a plan to trick Moira into revealing what The Undertaking is, Diggle dresses up as the vigilante and beats up Oliver until she confesses, and despite pulling his punches, he still reduces Oliver to limping, swelled up mess after only a few hits.


Ep 222 - 1:11 - Ravager, who is on Mirakuru, ambushes Diggle with a surprise kick straight across his face, but not only does Diggle survive this attack, but he gets back up and continues fighting. It takes multiple hits from Ravager to finally make Diggle stay down, but even then he wasn't actually KOd or even seriously injured, merely stunned.


Ep 23 - 35:18 - After getting beaten by Merlyn and having a knife stuck inches away from or even straight INTO his heart, Diggle is able to literally drag himself up to the roof to try and help Oliver.

Comic Feats-

Issue 4 - Pg 3-10 - Diggle's convoy in Afghanistan is ambushed by at least 12 Taliban insurgents (he says a dozen but there are about 15-16 actually drawn on panel). He claims that they were the most ruthless group of fighters he had ever seen, and his whole unit gets wiped out almost immediately. Left alone and with no ammo, Diggle is stabbed in the back with a hatchet, but just as the Taliban are about to finish him off, he rips the hatchet out of his back and uses it to kill every single one of them by himself. The whole battle took place before a scarf thrown in the air could reach the ground.


Ep 9 - 1:45 - After a few weeks of training, Diggle is able to impress Oliver with his speed.

Comic Feats-

Issue 4 - Pg 3-10 - Diggle's convoy in Afghanistan is ambushed by at least 12 Taliban insurgents (he says a dozen but there are about 15-16 actually drawn on panel). He claims that they were the most ruthless group of fighters he had ever seen, and his whole unit gets wiped out almost immediately. Left alone and with no ammo, Diggle is stabbed in the back with a hatchet, but just as the Taliban are about to finish him off, he rips the hatchet out of his back and kills every single one of them by himself. The whole battle took place before a scarf thrown in the air could reach the ground.


Ep 6 - 11:06 and 13:24 - Diggle and Oliver doing some detective work, they manage to ID the whole Royal Flush gang simply from some grainy security cam footage and a few seconds of analyzing.

Ep 11 - 35:00 - Diggle reveals that he knew Oliver planted a tracer on him earlier, even though Oliver is extremely skilled at sleight of hand.

Ep 13 - 26:55 - Diggle is spying on Malcolm and Moira but gets caught by Malcolm's guard. However, thanks to his quick thinking he is able to elude suspicion and save his cover.

Ep 14 - 4:20 - When Oliver was shot through the chest with the bullet just missing a carotid artery, Diggle was able to stop him from bleeding out and save his life using only the supplies available at the Arrowcave, with his only help being from Felicity.


Ep 11 - 33:28 - Diggle is blackmailed by Kyle Reston into assisting with an armored truck robbery, but when he refuses and they threaten to kill his sister-in-law, he outsmarts them all by using their own grenade launcher against them.

Ep 19 - 33:30 - Diggle is fighting a man too sturdy to go down from bare fists, so Dig uses a defibrillator on his head.

Ep 22 - 29:08 - During the team's break-in of Merlyn Global Industries, Oliver, who was supposed to be guarding Felicity, gets tied up with Malcolm and is unable to reach her. Felicity gets caught by a guard, and it seems like it's all over, but due to Diggle's quick thinking, they are able to outsmart the guard and walk away without raising suspicion.


Ep 2 - 25:40 - When China White and her triad assassins are about to kill Oliver and Laurel, Diggle bursts in from nowhere and takes them all down.

Ep 11 - 33:28 - Diggle takes down most of Kyle Reston's men using a grenade launcher without the blast affecting Kyle himself or his sister in law, showing his ability to handle heavy weaponry.

Ep 20 - 22:10 - Deadshot starts sniping off ARGUS agents and shoots Diggle's ex-wife. While shielding her body with his own, Diggle returns fire with his pistol and forces Deadshot to take cover, maintaining precision despite the distance and lack of control from that position.

Ep 219 - 36:00 - Diggle lands three consecutive killshots into Isabel Rochev's chest from a distance away before she can pull her trigger on Oliver.


Training/Technical knowledge-

Ep - 21:02 - Diggle briefly mentions that he used to be a special forces soldier in Afghanistan and has been working as a private guard for four years.

Ep 6 - 2:40 - Oliver trains Diggle in escrima.

Ep 214 - 3:52 - Diggle handles a bo-staff well enough to keep up with Oliver and Sara, two trained masters.

Ep 9 - 1:45 - Oliver and Diggle sparring in a complex knife routine.

Ep 10 - 12:12 - Diggle practicing Wing Chun on his own time.

Ep 16 - 3:05 - Diggle training Felicity in self defense.

Ep 20 - 00:56 - Oliver training Diggle in boxing.

Issue 10 - Pg 1 - Oliver and Diggle training in kickboxing.


Ep 5 - 30:54 - Diggle stops a major arms deal by himself and blitzes a group of gangsters non-lethally.

Comic Feats-

Issue 4 - Pg 3-10 - Diggle's convoy in Afghanistan is ambushed by at least 12 Taliban insurgents (he says a dozen but there are about 15-16 actually drawn on panel). He claims that they were the most ruthless group of fighters he had ever seen, and his whole unit gets wiped out almost immediately. Left alone and with no ammo, Diggle is stabbed in the back with a hatchet, but just as the Taliban are about to finish him off, he rips the hatchet out of his back and kills every single one of them by himself. The whole battle took place before a scarf thrown in the air could reach the ground.

Issue 21 - Pg 7-8 - Diggle takes four rather well-built criminals down by himself, at the same time, easily.



Ep 2 - 25:40 Diggle saves Oliver from triad assassins and briefly fights on par with China White, blocking and dodging all of her attacks and even disarming one of her knives. She seemed to have the upperhand in the end, although its worth mentioning that she attacked him and sliced his hand while he was focused on the other gunmen, and if he wasn’t caught off guard it might have ended differently.

Ep 10 - 21:30 - Diggle and Oliver have a brief fight with Diggle actually taking the advantage and putting Ollie in an armbar, before Ollie reverses it and they quit.

Ep 214 - 3:52 - During a three-way bo-staff sparring match between Diggle, Oliver, and Sara, Diggle is the only one able to land a hit on Sara despite being the only one without any actual training with the weapon.

Ep 222 - 1:11 - Diggle is ambushed by Ravager, but despite being taken by surprise and having minimal weaponry, Diggle is able to recover and fight on par with her for a period of time. He lost, but considering Ravager was not only Mirakuru enhanced but was ALSO an expert martial artist in her own right trained personally by Slade Wilson himself, had the element of surprise, and was duel wielding swords, the fact that Diggle could parry and counter many of her attacks and avoid taking a lethal hit for a prolonged period of time is impressive in its own right.


Ep 5 - 30:54 - Dig uses stealth to stop a major arms deal by scaring the criminals and tricking them into running away, only having to actually fight a small group of thugs.

Ep 22 - 11:00 - Diggle breaks into the Queen Mansion without setting off an alarm or alerting anybody (the mansion is said to have more security than the White House) and kidnaps both Oliver and Moira.

Ep 221 - 24:00 - Oliver has resolved himself to suicide in order to appease Slade and make him stop killing people. To stop him, Diggle sneaks up on Oliver and knocks him out with one of his own tranquilizer darts, before kidnapping him back to the Arrow Cave.



Ep 7 - 33:37 - Helena breaks through zipcuffs.

Ep 7 - 34:02 - Helena breaks a man's neck by slapping him.

Ep 217 - 25:53 - Huntress grabs Canary by the throat and overpowers her with one hand, pushing her across the room and hurling her straight out a window.

Issue 11 - Pg 9 - Helena destroys a cinder block with a kick during her training.


Ep 17 - 34:06 - Huntress ducks underneath a handgun bullet from close range after it is fired.

Ep 17 - 35:15 - Huntress catches one of Oliver's arrows from near point blank range, mentioning that she's "practiced that move", as in she practices catching arrows at least semi-regularly in her free time.


Ep 7 - 1:53 - Helena blasts her target multiple times from a decent distance away while riding a speeding motorcycle without hitting Moira.

Ep 8 - 18:48 - Huntress fires a bolt from her crossbow from such a distance that it takes over two seconds for it to reach its target, with the bolt coming within inches of a sprinting gangster and stabbing through the door handle just as he was reaching for it (crossbow bolts can travel up to 300 feet per second)

Ep 17 - 24:13 - Huntress completely blows out a van's engine with one perfectly placed crossbow bolt.

Ep 17 - 33:40 - Huntress storms a witness protection safe house and massacres a whole squadron of trained federal agents alone in a matter of minutes using just her crossbow.

Ep 217 - 15:30 - Huntress lands two kill shots on a pair of security guards in rapid succession through a smoke screen.

Issue 9 - Pg 9 - Helena kneecaps a drug dealer from a distance away while speeding on her motorcycle.



Ep 8 - 18:37 - The Huntress busts a major drug deal and wrecks some canon fodder side by side with The Arrow.



Ep 7 - 25:12 - Helena before becoming the Huntress battles The Arrow on completely even ground while he has his bow and she is unarmed.

Ep 8 - 35:00 - The Huntress again battles on even ground with The Arrow in close quarters combat until Frank Bertinelli steps in and shoots her with her own crossbow.

Ep 17 - 35:35 - Huntress again battles evenly with The Arrow, even disarming him and using several submission holds until he pulls out the archery.

Ep 217 - 25:10 - Despite being ambushed by Canary and being exposed to her canary cry, Huntress is able to quickly turn the tables on the League of Assassins-trained ninja and disarm her before beating her with her own weapon, then throwing her out a window. However it is important to note that Canary was actually holding back because she didn't want to kill Huntress, and later when she let loose, she won.

Technical knowledge:

Ep 7 - 38:00 - Helena is able to deduce that Oliver is The Arrow simply from his fighting style (and his eyes too apparently)

Ep 8 - 30:24 - Huntress incapacitates a triad using a complex joint-lock maneuver.


Issue 11 - Helena's training with La Morte Sussurrata, a secret assassin organization based in Italy. "Killers trained by Persian Hashshashins - the original assassins". Helena worked her way to the top of the organization and was trained personally by the leader known as Silvio.


Ep 217 - 8:25 - When the Huntress is back in town, Felicity tracks down a car rented under her deceased husband's name, tricking Oliver and Team Arrow into chasing after a decoy while she quietly made her way into the city on the other side of town.

Ep 217 - 15:20 - Helena breaks into her father's court house during his trial in order to kill him, only for the SWAT team to burst in and reveal it was all a trap. However, Helena reveals that she planned ahead in case of that, and immediately a team of hired guns she had planted in the jury attack allowing her to successfully take over the courthouse anyway.

Ep 217 - 29:40 - When the SWAT team finally makes their move on Huntress and storms the courthouse, they arrive just in time to find she had humiliated them all again, dressing a hostage up in her clothes to act as a decoy while she casually walked away in a cop's uniform.



Off Mirakuru:

Ep 14 - 11:20 - Slade is strong enough to cut straight through body armor using his sword.

Ep 16 - 16:03 - Slade kills a large boar and hauls it over his back through the jungle without any strain. Boars can weigh anywhere from 400 to 600 pounds, to even over 1,000.

Ep 223 - 29:45 - Slade overpowers Oliver even without the Mirakuru.


On Mirakuru:

Ep 219 - 35:15 - Slade rapidly deflects three of Oliver's arrows in quick succession using his sword.


Off Mirakuru:

Ep 13 - 32:00 - Slade can not be affected by punches from average men (in this case pre-Arrow Oliver)

Issue 19 - Pg 2-3 - Slade and Billy survive their plane crashing into Lian Yu after being hit with a missile.

On Mirakuru:

Ep 218 - 13:28 - Slade is punched square across the face by an angry Roy and all he does is spit. A less angry Roy put his fist straight through a bomb-blast container with ease. Therefore Slade's cheek is much stronger than plated steel.

Ep 219 - 10:40 - Bullets bounce off of Deathstroke's armor.

Ep 219 - 18:00 - Slade tanks getting blasted by an experimental energy cannon.

Ep 223 - 11:18 - Slade tanks multiple arrows into his suit.

Ep 223 - 30:56 - Slade survives getting buried underneath tons of steel beams.


Off Mirakuru:

Ep 14 - 34:00 - Slade endures having Oliver remove a bullet from his arm with a blunt instrument, the wound of which later gets infected.

Issue 19 - Pg 5-6 - After being captured by Fyers, Slade and Billy are both tortured for 324 days straight without giving up any information. While Billy eventually succumbs and joins Fyers army in exchange for mercy, Slade is able to endure until he finds a way to escape.


Ep 215 - 32:25 - Slade is shot at point blank range but doesn't even stop his stride.

Ep 218 - 15:57 - Slade tells Oliver of how he escaped the island just by swimming, and that the ocean currents dragged him under and the rocks and reefs cut his flesh to the bone, but the Mirakuru regenerated everything.

Ep 223 - 31:20 - Slade survives an arrow through his eye.



Ep 13 - 22:30 - Slade briefly mentoring Oliver in swordsmanship.

Ep 13 - 31:42 - Slade is about to kill Oliver, and claims that he can do it in a way that Ollie will feel nothing at all.

Ep 13 - 39:32 - Slade mentions that he is a member of ASIS, Australian Secret Intelligence Service, and that he and his partner were sent to the island to rescue Yao Fei as part of a secret black op.

Ep 14 - 4:50 - Slade training Oliver in various forms of combat including hand-to-hand, knife combat, escrima, and disarming maneuvers.

Ep 218 - 33:00 - Deathstroke throws his sword through an armored police officer from 10 feet away before he could pull the trigger, showing highly advanced skills in shurikenjutsu.



Ep 14 - 11:20 - Slade blitzes a group of mercenaries with his sword and cuts them through their body armor.

Ep 14 - 18:47 - Slade blitzes a group of five mercenaries wearing body armor with his sword before any of them can react.



Ep 14 - 32:05 - After evacuating Fyer’s compound, Slade takes on his former partner Billy Wintergreen, a fellow ASIS agent who can catch and deflect arrows fired by a master archer from point blank range and also stalemated/defeated Yeo Fei in close quarters combat, and kills him in a sword duel.

Ep 19 - 4:42 - Slade stalemates Shado in a spar, although he might have been holding back due to his love for her.

Ep 219 - 10:00 - Deathstroke solos all of team Arrow.

Ep 223 - 29:00 - Slade fights The Arrow to a standstill without his powers. The battle ends with both fighters barely walking and grievously injured, before Oliver finally manages to incapacitate him with a rope arrow.



Ep 14 - 10:45 - While trekking through the jungle with Slade, Oliver steps on a landmine just as a group of guards come patrolling buy. Slade runs away to hide, and while Oliver thinks he’s abandoned him, Slade suddenly comes barreling back and kills the guards while they are distracted by Oliver, then he is able to use one of their bodies to block the mine, allowing Oliver to escape without setting it off.

Ep 14 - 7:02 - Slade quickly formulates a plan for him and Oliver to take over Edward Fyers airstrip crowded with troops despite very little resources and firepower.

Ep 14 - 32:05 - Slade destroys most of Edward Fyers compound and forces all the soldiers to retreat so he could get some one-on-one time with Billy using nothing but improvised explosives and distraction.

Ep 17 - 19:33 - Slade and Oliver need to enter an enemy camp and somehow take out every guard stationed there before any can call for backup. To do this, Slade comes up with a plan to pretend to be a prisoner, thus gathering all the soldiers together so that he can kill them quickly.

Ep 216 - 12:50 - Slade is able to keep himself completely hidden and off the grid, and even Felicity can not track him down.

Ep 218 - 18:50 - After being released from the police station, Slade makes his way home in his car while all of team Arrow is strategically placed around the city to follow him, but he easily eludes them all and even clones Felicity's tracker signal to throw her off.

Ep 215 - 35:58 - While Slade is mingling with Moira, Oliver subtly uses his phone to call Felicity and alert the team that Slade is still alive. Sara recognizes Slade by his voice and plans to kill him once and for all, having Diggle take a sniper position on the opposite side of the house and wait for Slade to come out. Slade however was fully aware of the plan, somehow, and already had Ravager take Diggle out in preparation.

Ep 215 - 41:10 - It's revealed that while Slade was pretending to mingle with Moira and admire the Queen Family's art collection, he was actually planting cameras all over the house.

Ep 216 - 27:30 - After days of frantic investigation, Oliver finally found a lead on Slade's location using his contacts in the Bratva, only for him to arrive and find his informant dead on Slade's desk with Slade nowhere to be found, and footage of Shado playing from a projector, revealing that Slade organized the whole thing just to make Ollie sad.

Ep 218 - 15:00 - After Oliver used the venom of the Tibetan pit viper to capture Slade and bring him to the police precinct, it's revealed that he already planned for that and had a full proof alibi set up beforehand, and that he only allowed the team to capture him to prove a point to Oliver.

Ep 218 - 28:10 - It's revealed that as part of Slade's plan, he manipulated Oliver's entire company out from under his nose by using Isabel Rochev.

Ep 218 - 31:00 - After Slade kidnapped Thea, Oliver gets a lead on her location from Isabel Rochev and immediately goes to save her. Little does he know, Slade leaked the lead on purpose to distract the vigilante while he hijacked a prison bus to gather troops for his army, and Thea had already been released by Slade hours prior.

Ep 222 - 10:20 - When Felicity gets the call that a Mirakuru cure has been developed and is en route to her position, the camera fades out to reveal Slade eavesdropping on the call, and he sends a man out to make sure the serum, the city's only hope of salvation, is delivered to him before team Arrow can reach it.

Ep 223 - 15:15 - Amanda Waller fears that if Deathstroke and his army were to escape Starling City, they would become a global threat to the world at large, so rather than risk it she chose to bomb the city to make sure they die. However it's revealed that Slade already anticipated this turn of events and is having his men escape through the tunnels before the bomb hits, meaning if not for team Arrow finding a Mirakuru cure, Amanda Waller would have destroyed an entire city for nothing.


Ep 14 - 18:02 - Slade displays proficiency with a sniper rifle by taking out many soldiers in quick succession without alerting anybody.

Ep 17 - 19:33 - Slade guns down a whole squad of trained mercenaries wearing body armor while dual wielding pistols before any of them can react.

Ep 23 - 9:38 - Slade holds back all of Fyers' mercenaries in a gunfight by himself despite having a crippled leg.



Ep 219 - 10:00 - Team Arrow heads into the Arrowcave to find Deathstroke there waiting for them, he had somehow infiltrated without anybody noticing despite the only entrance being inside the club, where Oliver and Co. just were.

Ep 219 - 11:05 - After defeating team Arrow, Deathstroke vanishes from the arrow cave right before Felicity's eyes.


Ep 215 - 18:40 - Slade senses Oliver approaching with a knife and casually spins around just in time to grab him by the wrist.

Ep 218 - 25:40 - Slade smells the TNT from the explosives Sara tried to ambush him with.




Ep 8 32:45 - China White leads her group of triad assassins through Frank Bertinelli's heavily guarded backyard, wrecking canon fodder and carving a path all the way to Frank himself until The Arrow shows up.



Ep 2 - 25:40 - Gets the advantage over John Diggle in close quarters combat after he took down her squad and nearly kills him before Oliver steps in.

Ep 2 31:54 - First fight against The Arrow, China White actually manages to take the advantage and nearly finishes Oliver off before the police step in and she is forced to retreat.

Ep 16 - 26:30 - China White vs The Arrow round 2. The two seem to be almost completely on par in close quarters combat, with Oliver being forced to use his bow and arrows in order to take the advantage.



Ep 16 - 17:51 - China White quickly organizes a complex plot to assassinate Malcolm Merlyn at his own ceremony. It would have worked too, Merlyn was shot and bleeding in the end, but The Arrow ended up saving him at the last moment.


Ep 8 - 32:45 - China White leads her group of triad assassins through Frank Bertinelli's heavily guarded backyard, killing every single guard in the area without making a sound.



Ep 213 - 5:57 - Sara doing the salmon ladder for an hour straight.


Ep 213 - 19:10 - Sara dodges multiple arrows from point blank range while crawling on the roof of a van.



Ep 214 - 12:10 - Sara mentors Felicity in Wing Chun.

Ep 216 - 28:23 - Sara practicing Wing Chun at high speeds in her free time.



Ep 214 - 3:52 - Sara holds off both Oliver and Diggle at the same time with her Bo-staff in a sparring match.

Ep 217 - 32:55 - In their first fight, Huntress easily defeated Canary and threw her out a window. However in their rematch, she reveals she was holding back, and after letting loose Sara makes short work of her.

Ep 223 - 21:20 - Sara takes part in the Tunnel Fight, defeating and curing the entire Mirakuru army all at once together with just Oliver, Nyssa, Roy, and a couple LoA ninjas.



Ep 18 - 33:13 - Roy aim dodges a bullet from close range.


Ep 15 - 12:47 - Roy hops a high fence with one arm by running up a wall and vaulting over.

Ep 17 - 22:20 - Roy pulls off some slick acrobatics while fighting a couple of thugs.


Ep 15 - 25:40 - After being arrested for stealing Thea’s purse, Roy is clever enough to realize that Thea is probably watching him from the other side of the two-way mirror, and all he has to do is gain sympathy from her and he’ll be let go, despite being guilty. So in order to manipulate her into dropping the charges, Roy makes up a sob story on the spot about his mother being addicted to Vertigo, understanding that she would sympathise since she also got into trouble from Vertigo. Thea falls for it almost immediately, something that he later mocks her for.


Ep 212 - 10:10 - Oliver teaches Roy how to control his power using Wing Chun.

Ep 223 - 21:20 - Roy takes part in the Tunnel Fight, defeating and curing the entire Mirakuru army all at once together with just Oliver, Nyssa, Sara, and a couple LoA ninjas.

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