Arrow-Lantern Dialectic

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Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) may be the greatest comics duo of all time.

Arrow's super and other-worldly archery combined with Lantern's excellent body coordination and power-ring feats creates nothing short of comics-duo brilliance (and vigilantism daydreams).

When you look at a random pedestrian photo post on the Internet (e.g., Facebook) such as the one of me below or of an American celebrity such as the one of Tom Cruise below, you think about modern media caters to nice campfire storytelling of American teamwork in our age of network-driven culture (e.g., NATO, Wall Street, Facebook, etc.).

Well, Arrow (Queen) and Lantern (Jordan) splash onto the scene as a heroism-stealing vigilante wonder-duo, arguably more impressive than Batman-Robin and Aquaman-Aqualad.

So go on and entreat your wishes for the perfect comics vigilante duo, because the Arrow-Lantern team will never disappoint, and it's made for wonderful comics art collections.

This is the stuff of great comics made for all audiences. It's the sort of thing that makes me feel ten times better about Internet traffic.

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