Arrow (CW). Does Deathstroke's rage make any sense?

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Spoilers if you haven't... Well... watched the Arrow.

Slade's anger and rage towards Ollie didn't make sense to me. Besides being angry due to the marikuru making him crazy, he is upset over the death of Shado. Here are my problems with this.

1. He only knew Shado for less than a year if my memory serves correct.

2. They never actually had a thing going.

It would make a lot more sense to me if Shado and Slade's had a relationship instead of Oliver and Shado. It would make even more sense to me if Shado ended up pregnant with Slade's child and he was happy about it. If these developments were to happen, it would make lots of more sense why Slade would want to give Oliver a living hell.

One could argue the following points.

1. Shado loving Oliver would have built anger in Slade for months as they were on the Island due to jealousy.

2. The marikuru is also what added to Slade's obsession with torturing Oliver. It could have fueled his sub-conscious jealousy.

I would like to still argue that these points just aren't believable to me. It would have made more sense if Shado and Slade ended up together on the Island because Slade would have lost someone that he had planned to spend the rest of his life with. Losing that person would be like losing his life also, and dedicating the rest of his time to torturing Oliver would have been a better drive for him.

Other than that, I'm satisfied with the fan service we have received in Arrow, what an incredible show.

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The way I saw it was, Slade's jealous was what got the ball rolling, but once he was too deep into the drug it didn't matter anymore.

In fact, I remember a conversion taking place that detailed that. Something along the lines of Ollie saying it wasn't his fault she died and Slade replying with "I don't care anymore" or something to that effect.

It was pretty hammered in that the drug was the primary reason for his madness. I thought they showed that fairly early on with the flashback scenes of Slade still working with Ollie and Shado, but losing his shit once and grabbing Ollie by the neck.

The Shado thing was just the ember. Slade was all ready a barrel of gasoline at that point,.

I just hope we see Manu again sooner rather than later. Regardless of how people feel about Oliver, I don't know anyone who can say Slade wasn't fantastically portrayed with a straight face. Manu was incredible.

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@fallschirmjager: I'm a big fan of Manu from the Spartacus days. I hope he comes back also, but I think he deserves a starring role in a show as maybe a detective or something. I would like to see his acting more before he gets older.

But back to Arrow, what if Deathstroke and Shado actually fell in love. Wouldn't you think her death would anger him even further and having the enhancement would make him even crazier? It's just hard to believe that for 5+ years he comes back and is still obsessed about avenging Shado, a person he only knew for less than a year and had a relationship with someone else.

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Slade went on a tangent about how it wasn't the Mirakuru that made him hate Oliver. Though its debatable how much that can be trusted considering the state he was in.

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well for one, he had a hallucination of shado outright telling him it was oliver's fault.

also slade explained once that his anger was due to ollie decieving him about how shado died, and for oliver apparently choosing sara over shado. though when oliver tried to say thats not what happened, slade just said "dont care". he trusted oliver to look after shado. failing to do that and letting her die i guess is why he hates him. because he "lacked courage" and "did not fight"

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I thought it was heavily implied hat Slade was kinda secretly in love with Shado or something. But yeah they need to bring Manu back and Deadshot too. IDEC about the movie coming out

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Not really but looking back at it Slade also seemed to hate Oliver because everyone thinks he is a hero. In Oliver's hallucinations Slade told him the island didn't make him a hero just gave him an opportunity to be a monster he truly is. Even in their last encounter Slade told Oliver that not killing him wouldn't make him a hero.

@redbird3rdboywonder: Is Deathstroke in Suicide Squad movie? Manu doesn't want to come back because of how horrible they treated Slade in season 3 also I think Deadshot is truly dead. I'm betting he will comeback as a HIVE agent this season.

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