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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 2007.

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    The biggest event this month. "Everyone who's anyone in the DCU will be there."

    Two of DC's best loved characters were getting married in the "Green Arrow and Black Canary Wedding Special" - or so it seemed. As the big day arrived, a host of heroes turned up for the ceremony. However, the service was gatecrashed by villains aiming to wipe out all of their opponents in one go. The bad guys were defeated and the pair wed - but there was a twist to the tale. On their honeymoon, a crazed Green Arrow attacked Black Canary and tried to strangle her, forcing Dinah to kill her new husband. The shock ending led into Green Arrow and Black Canary's ongoing series, where the truth was revealed - the Amazon Goddess Athena had replaced Ollie with shape changer Everyman.

    Note: Indicia indicates actual title is: Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special.

    Collected in Green Arrow/Black Canary: Till Death Do They Part.


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