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Green Arrow #5 - The Midas Touch

I really liked this issue of Green Arrow. We start getting lots of information within the pages of this chapter of the story. We start to see who Midas is and how he was created. We also get to see the duel between Ollie and Midas where Midas almost seems indestructible. What I really liked to was we almost see Ollie stuck in a situation where his assistant almost found out who he was which creates a bit of suspense and a sort of fear factor too. Great issue, leaves the reader wanting to know more about Blood Rose and how she is all connected to Midas. 5/5

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    We start with Blood Rose's disfigured partner, Midas, berating her for being careless in her battle with Green Arrow. Apparently he's very over protective of her. Then we get a humorous scene of Ollie's secretary walking into his office to find him in his under britches after having changed out of his Green Arrow Gear. Back with our villains, a flashback gives us the cliff notes of Midas's origin. Nothing special here, just your basic "Scientist has accident during crazy experiment" nonsense, bu...

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