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    Green Arrow thinks you like Torture Porn!

    Green arrow continues to be a brainless book. This issue we are finely treated to so social commentary and it's "We should stop watching torture porn" as if that is what the internet's about... isn't your audience those buying these books on the internet. Can't say much about the fighting because no one would care. The lack code names is a dumb move, but I'll let that slip as well...

    What I won't let slip is this stupid whining CEO that is in charge of Queen Industries... the dude is in charge of the company. Why is he always bothering Oliver? Further why does he want Oliver to step up and take action? He runs the friggin company so that Ollie doesn't have to worry about all that crap because the CEO is supposed to be handling all that. That's the job of a CEO. His literal complaint is that Oliver has not fired him yet... Seriously. All he does, every issue is complain about Oliver not doing the job of a CEO which Ollie isn't the CEO...so why would he do that job? Every time I see this guy I think he's an idiot and I can take what's going on in the story at that moment seriously...

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