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    Finally a Serious Series

    I've been a fan of Green Arrow for a few years now, and quite enjoyed the pre-New 52 series. I have read the first few issues of this series written by J. T. Krul, but didn't feel like catching up after reading the negative comments about Ann Nocenti's run, and after reading her Catwoman run so far I can truly believe it. So when I heard that a new creative team was joining I was hoping for good things, and after hearing good things about Jeff Lemire's previous work I though I'd give it a try, and definitely after the good reviews for this issue.


    This issue sees Green Arrow (Oliver "Ollie" Queen) upset about Emerson losing his company, and a new villain, who's also an archer, named Komodo enters the fray.


    This was a brilliant issue, and one of the best Green Arrow issues I've ever read, and definitely the best that I've read from this series. After also loving Animal Man #17 from Lemire that was also out this week I'm starting to see what everyone else sees in him as a writer, as he really knows how to give interesting stories, and he's done the best possible job of taking a series which everyone classes as bellow poor to a terrific series, and I hope he keeps this quality. This story is also very fresh, and it's a brilliant jumping on point, as it felt more like a number one than a series that's had 17 previous issues. Although some of Krul's Green Arrow issues were good, with some being very good, I don't think that any have been anywhere near as goo as this issue, and if the series stays at this level it will easily shoot up to the top 5 or higher in my DC pull list, and I might also try some of Lemire's other work including more of Animal Man, and his run on Justice League Dark.

    The art form Andrea Sorrentino is amazing. I've never really seen Sorrentino's art but after seeing the cover for this issue, and noticing that it was the same artist doing the interior I wanted this issue just for the art. So in a way that was the biggest thing that drew me to wanting to try this issue. I did however notice a slight difference on the interior artwork, and that was the colour, as the cover was coloured by Hi-Fi (Brian Miller), whereas the interior was coloured by Sorrentino himself. Although I din't initially like Sorrentio's colouring, as I was reading I started to feel that it suited the story more, giving more drama and feel. Hi-Fi's colours on the cover were very punchy and made a brilliant impression for people who buy for covers, or like me don't initialy like Sorrentio's colours. The artwork itself was amazing, and very detailed, with the characteristics, and emotions done brilliantly. I also felt that the art itself gave a tremendous dramatic feel to the issue, and that the choice in colours added to this, especially the monochrome, with a hint of colour in certain panels.

    This issue started slightly in the future coming back to the present. I felt that this was a brilliant way to start the story, as the reader is already gripped in wanting to know what has happened to Ollie, with the next page taking you back to the very start of the story. I am however happy that the issue didn't jump around as I feel that that leads to confusion whereas a dramatic flashback, with a continuous story gives the right mood without confusing readers, especially newer ones.

    There was quite a lot of disaster in this issue, and although I won't mention specifics to avoid spoilers it really did set the tone for the issue. I was expecting a light heartened start from the new creative team, to let them settle in, but Lemire doesn't waste any time making drastic decisions which will affect the series big time. It is however very admirable, as it's a risk to do something like this, and this time it payed off. I also loved the action in these sequences and the emotion from Ollie, as he's put in a position that he's probably not familiar with where he's got to get very serious, unlike his normal fun self.

    The most interesting thing in this issue however was the new villain named Komodo. I always like new villains, and especially when they're mysterious, and well thought out. Although there have been lot's of terrible villains created in the past I always admire when a writer creates one, as whether good or bad it shows that they are creative, and not just going to stick with the same old characters, giving readers something new, and hopefully interesting to read about. This was the later, as Komodo was very interesting. I really liked that he was an archer like Ollie, as it gives symmetry, which shows gives Ollie a fair chance, even if Komodo doesn't exactly fight fair. I will be looking forward to the continuation of this story, and especially what role Komodo has.

    There was also an appearance from another new character called Magus who gave Ollie a warning. I won't say much more but it was very interesting and I'm now really looking forward to the next issue.

    Final Verdict

    This was an outstanding issue, and one of the best Green Arrow issues I've ever read. I really hope that the series stays at this level, as the character deserves it as well as the fans, and I have every faith that Lemire won't disappoint. I would easily recommend this issue to anyone as apart from being brilliant it's also the perfect starting of point for any new readers, or Green Arrow fans that left the series due to the poor quality.

    Rating: 5/5

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