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    Arrow's Fly, The Mark Is Lost

    This is the Green Arrow I cannot explain how much I love reading, I mean i did enjoy this new volume up until this point. But its something else when you show off his real skill, and the emotion behind it. Ollie will always be a very deep man, a man whose emotions tend to get the better of him. And this issue shows when it can tear him apart when they do get the better of him. 
    Story-I cannot explain how the story had me rereading every single page of this issue, I fell in love with it the moment Rev(please tell me Marvel fans see the similarity between DC Rev Migs, and Marvels The Rev of Punisher fame?) began speaking with Ollie. Showed how this arc might be one of Green Arrows worst in his life, that it could potentially change everything. I cannot wait to see more of this woman as well, she seems to be the unpretty version of Canary. Maybe Ollie will get a new love interest with her, its all possible. But the story is something I havnt seen for GA in a long time, and I cannot wait to see more. 
    Art-Another thing I love in Green Arrow comics of the last ten years is the art, and this issue doesnt fail to show me awesome panels. I loved how the emotions were shown so easily for Padilla, and he is definately becoming one of my favorite Artists in the industry 
    Overal-5 out of 5. This issue was perfect in everyway for me, and Im hoping that Green Arrow continues to be awesome even after Brightest Day. And this volume reaches the triple digits in issue numbers HERES HOPING FOR ISSUE 100!!!

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