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The story opens with a group of young adults socializing in a wooded area. They are accosted by a group of bandits, but before they have a chance to commit their act of robbery, the group is interrupted by Green Arrow. A fight ensues, leaving the robbers on the ground and Ollie sarcastically thanking them for the exercise, saying "I was beginning to think I'd have to join a health club."

The scene cuts to Lt. Jim Cameron, lamenting about the fact that a criminal held for eighteen years is being let free due to a re-trial. He remembers to his wife that he was convicted because the criminal had one surviving victim, a ten year old girl named Annie Green. He regrets that he will need to have her re-live her terrible experience on the stand to re-try the criminal.

Next, at Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance's household, Ollie invites Dinah to join him for a bath, and some implied intimacy. Lance remarks that she would like to, but is having trouble being close to him. It is implied that this is due to her recent rape during the events of the "Longbow Hunters" mini-series. Dinah suggests she needs to get help, and the scene cuts to a news broadcast detailing the escape of Al Muncy, the man who tortured and killed at least seven girls.

As she mentioned, Dinah goes to see a therapist, with Oliver at her side. The therapist does what she can to comfort Dinah, and Dinah relives her ordeal, with flashbacks to the events that caused her such trauma. When the session is over, the psychiatrist collects her mail and opens an envelope. It causes her great shock, and she bolts from the building. Ollie tracks her down, and asks her if he could help.

She, Annie Green, tells Ollie the tale of her capture by Muncy, and the terrible conditions she was forced to endure along with the torture and implied sexual assault. After telling the story, Ollie, as Green Arrow, goes to confront Muncy.

Muncy acts very plain and matter-of-fact about his crimes, and talks about how finally he has the cops under his thumb, as while he awaited his retrial, he managed to sneak out of the house and deliver the letter by hand. Green Arrow aims his bow at the man, only to shoot deliberately only near him, calling it his "only warning shot." Ollie meets Commissioner Cameron outside, showing him that the letter was delivered by hand due to the lack of cancellation on the stamp.

Later than evening, Green Arrow catches Muncy trying to sneak out once more, and fires a single arrow at the man. He is nowhere to be found, and Ollie only finds that his arrow is laying near the bushes of Muncy's house, bent, but lacking any blood.


  • "Feb Deluxe Checklist"
  • "Meanwhile..." 2/3 page text piece by Dick Giordano.
  • "Green Arrow" the title of the letter column.


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