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A Bloody Deus Ex Machina, Eh?

On the one hand, I can't say I didn't see it coming, and on the other hand, I understand why it had to come. As much as I love Peter Milligan, I would never think of claiming Greek Street to be his finest work, not even in the top five. But, it was a good comic, at least most of the time. Unfortunately, it was doomed from the start. 
I can still remember when the first issue came out, I was so EXCITED! The gorgeous cover from Kako helped but Greek myths always fascinated me in my younger years so I was thrilled by the premise. I read the first issue and I was awed, it was bloody amazing...then I came onto ComicVine and lo and behold, G-Man had even done a video review of it! That's where the excitement ended, the comments were ablaze...with disgust...a lot of people upset about the incest, I was shaking my head at them but alas I fear it is people like that who ban literature in schools...bollocks I say! Graduates are uneducated enough as is.
Anyways, that's a rant for another point here, is there was never really a time where Greek Street seemed to be a hot item, and even I would sometimes feel the characters were getting lost, I mean up until the end there were characters who appeared in almost every issue that were never named. But, somewhere around the tenth issue or so I believe it was, the series began to be steadily improving, I was excited for where Peter Milligan was going, then he threw in the Ajax arc and showed he could do good character stories in this world...and then a cancellation was would be ending at sixteen issues...unlike some of the other writer's whose works were cancelled, Milligan never stood a chance. 
So he had to resort to a deus ex machina, I admit, I don't really treasure this ending but that same feeling is linked to a lot of Vertigo comics that were cancelled before there time. It's a hard task to write an ending before you're done your story. As a writer, I don't know if I could do it... 
I think nothing less of Milligan's writing skills here but I have to say, overall, if you want to check out Milligan or Vertigo there are other comics I could recommend to you that I hold in much higher regard. His current run on Hellblazer for example, which I rave about every month or his Shade, the Changing Man which is one of my favorite comics of all time or Human Target (nothing like the crappy tv show, that's a different comic entirely, protagonist just has the same name) or his Enigma which helped usher in the Vertigo imprint, The Eaters...a good one-shot about a family of cannibals, the list goes this if your a diehard Vertigo or Milligan fan but otherwise I'd say not to.

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    "Red Sky At Night, Mass Murderer's Delight" 0

    Like how the series began this series ends in a lot of blood.  Greek Tragedies tend to have a lot of blood so it is fitting.  The supernatural aspects set up in issue #15 ties in nicely to give closer to this series.  Because of the cancellation at 16 it felt that this end was not rushed, but not as long as it could be and that the Ajax story was added in so they can compile the final trade into a minimum 5 issues.  Ajax felt like it was tossed in the middle so it would be like the three last is...

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